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2014 Tecnica Ten.2 HVL Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O as they call me here at and with me today is Rob Jones our local Tecnica rep. Good morning, Rob. Good morning. How ya doing? Doing well, thanks. I like that bracelet you got there. What is that made out of a bike chain or something? Bike chain. Okay, we should probably talk about the ski boot though. Sure. All right. So, in my hands is a very unique boot. It's the Tecnica 10.2 HVL



So, can you tell us what HVL stands for? HVL is High Volume Last. And that's long for? Someone with a wide foot. Right. i actually had this boot for many, many years. I really liked it. This is really a unique boot. There's really nothing else on the market like it. It's really for that guy who's a performance skier but with a wide foot. Absolutely. Typically most of your wider boots are your entry-level boots for lighter weight, enty- level skiers. This is a wide boot for someone with a, you know, good skiing background background that likes to get out there and go at it. So, what's the width of this boot? It's 106mm. It's the widest high performance boot on the market. And the other boots in this line, just as an example, are 102 and often high performance boots can even go down to a 100 or even a 98, right? Correct. So 106 is quite wide giving that person who has, which I happen to have, I have this sort of narrow heel but very wide forefoot, giving you plenty of room but if you got those boots that are really kind of cramping you in the toe, but you're a performance skier, this could be the solution. There really isn't any other brand that carries anything like this. No, it's extremely tight in the heel so it gives you great ankle support but it's actually 2mm wider than most of your rental boots in the forefoot so it gives you great heel closure but gives you room for a wide foot. But no mistaking, it's still a true performance boot. Absolutely.


4 buckle high performance boot. All right so let's kind of go through the features on it. So, 4 micro-adjustable buckles, right? Yes. Does have this feature we talked in some of the other videos where it's easier to get in with that buckle getting out of the way. Cuff adjustment, as you'd expect. Now talk about this little device in the back. Sure. The IRebound is a way that we attach the upper cuff to the lower cuff. It is a metal-on-metal connection. A lot of your lower performance boots use a plastic-on-plastic or a plastic- on-metal which doesn't give great torsional rigidity. This is going to give you great support all the way around. So, in terms of, that's really going to play itself out for that guy who is going to be using and skiing a lot, is really going to beat their boots. It's going to hold up much better than a plastic. Absolutely. Okay. Now we're not going to pull the liner out of this one, we did pull it out of the other models so if somebody wants to see the inside liner you can look at the other ones, but tell us about what's going on in the liner. It has a really nice, what we call, Quadra Fit UltraFit liner. But it's a heat moldable liner that's designed just by, you know, putting your foot in it and skiing in it a couple days. It's really going to shape and form towards the fit of your foot. Gives you great support all the way around and really nice job on the finishing of the boot. We have a really unique leather back piece on it which is going, you know, wear extremely well, help eliminate odor and allow your foot to slide in pretty easy. Tecnica is really known for making some of the nicest liners out there. It's paying attention to detail.


Now I noticed there's a little feature in the back of this boot here, is a that a removable, adjustable spoiler? We have a removable spoiler for someone, let's say, has a bigger or a smaller calf. We can raise and lower that up or down just to give you great closure around the cuff. And sometimes people with wide feet also have wider ankles and stuff as well. What can be done on this boot to open it up and make it larger in the top part of it as well? Sure, someone has a bigger calf, we can flat-out remove that spoiler from it. It's going to give them a little bit more room and all the buckles on the top are actually drilled in 3 different positions so without having to drill in a normal screwdriver, we can move it over an inch left or right, either way, to take volume out or give them a little bit more volume. And that can be done just with a tool comes in the to do that. Absolutely. You just pop, anybody can do that at home. It's simple. Any other features we missed on this? No, basically it's a really nice translucent material to it so you can actually see through and see the liner on it but when you look at it, just the finishing on the boot, the attention to detail, you know, the handle on the front of the tongue to pull forward. It's just a great high performance boot for someone with a wide foot.


So, tell me who, what is the ideal customer who would buy this boot look like? The high performance skier with a wide foot that's never been able to have a boot fit. The guy who's always been having custom boot fitting to try to make the boot fit. Sure. You can buy this probably put it on right out of the box and not need custom boot fitting. Get out there and have fun. Perfect. Great. Thanks Rob. Thank you. And thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. Have a great day.

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