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2014 Tecnica Ten.2 95 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. My name is Steve and I'm the Ski-E-O and ski buyer here at Joining us today is Rob Jones our local Tecnica rep. Hi Rob. Hello. How are you doing today? Doing well, thanks. How's the wife and kids? Doing well. Doing well. Getting ready for a big wedding. Congratulations. You actually really are getting ready for a big wedding. We are. All right. So, I guess we should probably talk about ski boots because the folks at home really didn't want to hear about our personal lives so in my hand here today is the Tecnica 10.2 95 for women.


This is a great, sort of, performance-oriented more advanced level women's boot for Tecnica, right? Yes. So, let's kind of go through it. 4 buckle. Traditional 4 buckle design. There's some kind of neat features on these buckles. You want to kind of show us? Sure. One of the biggest problems with your traditional 4 buckle boots is they give you great performance but it's hard to get them on and off so we have a really unique buckle system on the top that we call Quick Instep which allows that buckle to open up making the front tongue of the boot really easy to slide your foot and mount. Just pull the tongue forward, it slides right in. Typically a lot of women just the way that their leg is built, their calf is set lower in their leg, they have a hard time adjusting the buckle where we... A lot of times women need a wider, opening in the boot. Absolutely. So, we actually help them out here and we have this buckle catch that actually slides over giving them an extra inch of room. And that's not a bad available on the model below this, it's only available on this model. Correct. Just the higher performance. Just making that clear. So, you have the ability through moving this ladder, you can also physically move the buckles on the inside, right? There's multiple places that they can be moved. So, there's a lot of room to open up the mouth of this boot if necessary. Can really make it fit the shape of their leg. Right.


Now it's got cuff adjustment on the side, of course, as you would expect. It has IRebound on the back. Can you tell us about that? Yes. IRebound is how we attach the upper cuff to the lower cuff. But it is a metal-on-metal connection which is going to give the boot great torsional rigidity which is going to give them more performance all the way around. Now Tecnica has always been known for building great boots but it's really their liners that their really known for. Can you tell us about this...why don't you go ahead and pull it out and show the audience. We have a tendency to really pay attention to detail on the liner of all of our boots. I mean, you can see it's a beautiful quilted, hand-stitched liner. You know, a lot of insulation properties to really keep the foot warm. Now in case their foot still gets cold, I noticed that Tecnica does build in a little vent here to put in a heat system. It's not built in but it's already pre-ready for it. We have a pre-cut notch in the back of it so if someone wanted to add an after-market, battery-powered heating unit to it, all they have to do is, you know, open that up, slide the wire through and it's good to go. My wife loves hers. Gotta keep them happy. Pushes the button and her feet are toasty warm.


Now, it's got a neoprene toe box on it. What's the benefit of that? Biggest problem with boots is most people buy their boots too big for them and if you don't feel your toes touching the front of the after it stretches and gives, it's probably gonna be too big for you. That neoprene just gives you a little bit more comfort, little bit more stretch so when your toes are at the front of the boot, it's not going to be so awkward feeling and it really helps keep their toes warm. And then nicer, soft, furry, cushy, furry... Real nice, you know, plush fur liner. You know, fur makes them purr, for sure. On the back of the boot, scallop cuff design so they have a little bit larger opening for bigger calf or a calf that's set lower in their leg of the boot. Little bit of elastomer material here just to allow the boot to stretch to form to the shape of their leg. Okay. Now the width on this boot is 102. 10-2 equals 102. That is your D width or medium last width boot that's going to fit the average shaped foot out there. Okay. And now this is the stiffer of the two boots in this line. This is the 95.


So, who is the right female customer for this boot? 95 is designed for that advanced- intermediate skier. Someone that likes to get out there and charge a little bit harder in the morning. Not afraid to go a little fast on the blues, hit the blacks. Can ski a little bit of everything but is not necessarily the first one down the hill and they go to work on Monday. Go to work on Monday. Okay, there you go. Did i miss any features on that boot you want to talk about? It's comfort, sport performance. Get out there and have fun and put a smile on your face. Can you hand me the boot over there? Thank you. So, here's half the boot. We've got the Tecnica 10.2 95...did I get all the...there's a lot of numbers in here. 10.2 95 for women. This has been Ski Talk. Thanks Rob. Thanks. I'm Steve. Have a great day.

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