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2014 Tecnica Ten.2 85 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to another addition of Ski Talk. I'm Steve the Ski-E-O and ski buyer here at Joining us today is Rob Jones our local Tecnica rep. Good morning, Rob. Good morning. And we're going to talk about the Tecnica 10.2 85 for women.


This is really a good looking women's boot. Beautiful. And I think from a color, it's kind of a silvery, white, from a coloring standpoint I know women are always concerned about their outfits. This could probably go with any outfit. Matches everything. Never goes out of style, always looks good. But more importantly are the features on the boot so let's kind of start with some of the features that this boot has. Now it's a traditional 4 buckle boot but it does have a little, kind of unique thing with this buckle here. This ladder kind of pops up. So, what's the benefit for that? Right. It's called Quick Instep which just allows the front tongue to open up a little bit larger on the boot. When we take these 2 front buckles off on the boot, take the power strap off, it makes it really easy to pull that boot forward so it's almost effortless to get your foot in and out of the boot. And that's really a big benefit. My wife had a Tecnica boot many, many years ago that she just couldn't get her foot in and out of and that allows you a much bigger opening to get it in and out without any problem. Right. Besides great performance, it gives you great ease of entry on the boot. Okay. All the buckles are micro-adjustable of course. All aluminum micro-adjustable buckles. So you have a lot of adjustment. Okay.


Side cuff adjustment. It's got the IRebound feature. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that? Sure. IRebound is how we attach the upper cuff to the lower cuff. But it's a metal-on-metal connection which is going to give you great torsional rigidity which equals fantastic performance. So the upper cuff is really connected more solidly to the lower translating that movement from the knee directly down to the ski. Absolutely. All right. Now the liner. I see you got a nice little fuzzy furry... Fur. Fur makes her purr. Why don't they give the men the fur? Because fur makes her purr. Fur makes her purr, okay. And does it do anything else? Yeah, it actually is an anti- microbial material which really helps to eliminate, you know, odor. Makes their foot really easy to slide in and out of the boot. But you can see the finishing on this boot. It's absolutely beautiful. Now, women's feet do get a little colder than men typically. Anything built into this to help with that? We do have a little bit more insulation in the ladies boots just to help with circulation and help keep them nice and warm. Okay. And it's kind of tone, the color's kind of same so they probably can't see it but this is a neoprene soft toe box in the front. Yes. you know, most people have a tendency to buy their ski boots too big. That neoprene, you know, gives them a little bit more, you know, comfort in the front of the boot. If they have, you know, that 6th toe sticking out or something a little bit larger toe in one area, it gives you great comfort all the way around. Biggest problem with ski boots is most people buy them too big. Yeah, ladies, try to really make sure that you buy your boots the right size which would be true to your size. Don't buy them larger than your foot because, while that might feel good initially, as the day goes on, that's going to reduce their performance with their foot kind of slopping around so the neoprene toe box allows that toe to touch the front which is what you want without being uncomfortable. Absolutely.


So, in terms of width, this is a 102 width. What would you say that means? 102 width is that medium width last or your D width last that's going to fit, you know, the average shape of foot out there. So this is really not the big, wide, sport oriented boot. This is a little more performance oriented without being a race type fit. Right in the middle. For someone, you know, wants comfort but they want to be able to have some performance features where they can get out there and ski as well. And it's an 85 flex. So, who would this boot be ideal for? Who's the female customer? It's soccer-mom boot. Mom that can do it all. Get out there. Love to ski. She's probably more worried about how her kids are doing in ski school or how much fun she's having in the sun but it's a solid, intermediate recreational, sport-performance boot. I'll bet with this boot on you could kick that soccer ball really far too. Absolutely. All right. Anything else you want to tell our audience for this, about this boot? One thing that we do in all of our lady's boots is we have a really unique fit in the back called a scallop-cuff design. Women's calves generally set lower in their leg so it's just designed to specifically fit for a more woman's leg is built. Little bit wider opening. And of course there's adjustments in here to adjust for it if they need additional room in the width as well. Absolutely. There you go.


So, that's it. The Tecnica 10.2 85 for women. This has been Ski Talk. Hope you enjoyed joining us. Have a great day.

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