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2014 Tecnica Ten.2 100 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O as they call me here at and today we're joined by Rob Jones or local Tecnica rep. Hi Rob. Hello. How ya doing? Doing well, thanks. Good. And I've got a really good looking boot sitting on my lap. What boot is this? That is the 10.2. 10.2... 100. 100 right.


So there's a whole line of 10.2's, right? Yes. All right. So, personally I think this is a great looking boot - blue's my favorite color so - and for those of you at home that can't see it, it's actually translucent so you can actually see the liner through the boot. So, let's kind of go through this boot step-by-step. Tell us about the outside features and stuff. It's a traditional 4 buckle boot, right? Traditional 4 buckle boot. All 4 aluminum micro- adjustable buckles so you have a lot of adjustment on the boot there. Now one of the problems with 4 buckle boots for some people is they tend to be more difficult to get in and out of. Yeah. Has Tecnica done something on this boot to make it a little easier? Yeah, you know, obviously we don't want to sacrifice performance for comfort and ease-ability of getting it on, but we have something really unique on here called Quick Instep which is allowing this front buckle to open up so when you take the 2 outside buckles off, open the power strap and go to slide your foot in there, the entire tongue opens up and comes forward allowing your foot to go in there really easy. It really has a much larger opening than the older traditional... Great opening on top.


All right. And then, in addition to that, of course it has cuff adjustment as you'd expect on a boot like this. It also has a little adjustment or a little device on the back here called rebound, IRebound. What is that? IRebound. An IRebound is the way we attach the upper cuff ot the lower cuff. It's a metal-on- metal attachment to the boot which is going to give the boot great torsional rigidity which equals a lot of performance. Okay. I know it's got a really beefy power strap on it as well. Much beefier than, I think, the model below this one. Yeah. It's a 45mm power strap so you can really cinch that upper cuff down and get a great fit around your leg. Okay. And the liner. It's got a great, kind of, little leather finish on the liner which makes it look really cool. I like the white on it. Really nice finishing on the liner. It has a leather upper on the outside of it. Which is going to allow it really ease of entry to get in. It wears extremely well... Yeah, you don't see that typically at this price point. The higher end boots usually have this. It really gives it a nice little finish. Really nice, you know, feature and just paying attention to detail on the boot.


Neon toe box on the front, you want to tell us about that? Yes, we have a... Not neon, neoprene. Neoprene. Neon would be flashing lights. Yeah, no flashing lights here just a pretty blue shell. Neoprene toe box. One of the biggest problems with skis boots is people have a tendency typically to buy their boots too big. If you don't feel your toes up against the front of the boot, the boot's too big for you so that neoprene just gives you a little bit more comfort. I also think it allows you to get a little tighter fit because that neoprene can push where it needs to so you don't have to buy a bigger boot than necessary. Absolutely. Which is a problem for often buying ski boots is people tend to sometimes buy boots a little too big. Most people typically do.


So, let's see. Now the last on this boot is...? 10.2 is a 102mm last. Who would be...what kind of foot shape or foot width is that? 102 is your D width or your medium width. It's going to fit he norm out there. And the flex is 100 so this boot is available in a 90, a 100... And a 120. And a 120 so this is the middle flex. So, who would you say is the ideal customer for this boot in terms of the width and the flex and the features on this boot? That advanced intermediate, recreational skier. Someone that, you know, skis a little bit everywhere. Doesn't get a ton of days in a year. Wants to get out there and, maybe, charge a little bit in the morning and then, you know, loosen his boots up and have some fun in the afternoon with his family. So maybe the aggressive intermediate or lower level advanced skier that just wants a nice comfortable, easy-to-ski boot. Someone that can ski in it all day and dance in it all night. You can dance in this too? Absolutely. Awesome. Can you add taps to it? You could. Okay, there you go. So there we got it. It's the Tecnica 10.2 100. Thanks for joining us at Ski Talk.

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