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2014 Tecnica R 70 Youth Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. My name is Steve. I'm the Ski-E-O and ski buyer here at Joining us today is Rob Jones our local Tecnica rep and in my hand is the R Series 70 boot from Tecnica for kids.


This is a really beefy, full high-performance for that hot skiing kid, isn't it? Absolutely. I mean for a kid's boot, this thing is loaded so let's kind of go through the features. First of all, these buckles are all metal so they're going to hold up to almost anything, right? Yeah, extremely durable metal buckles, all micro-adjustable so if a, you know, buckle comes up when they hit a gate it's going to, you know, it's going to remain intact. A little plastic feature on the outside so they have big gloves or mittens on... Yeah, that's what these are for is to help them be able to grab them with their gloves and mittens on, be able to take those off, right? Absolutely. What's got... Internal and external canting on it so we can really align the cuff to the form of their leg, you know, to get them flat on the snow. Okay.


I see we've got a spoiler in back there. Adjustable spoiler in the back for someone with a bigger or smaller calf, we can raise or lower it to give him a really tight enclosure around the top. Really strong beefy power strap to cinch it forward on the top of the boot. Liner looks like it's going some nice appointments on it as well. Yeah. Great high-performance liner all the way around. Extremely durable. A lot of foam, memory foam, to really shape and fit and give them that precise performance fit. Now is this boot strictly for racers or would other types of skiers want to... It's designed for the racer with, you know, with racing in mind but still something they can get out there and be a kid and still ski in and have fun.


What about a kid that's really good but doing more big mountain and not racing, would they be able to take advantage of this boot? Well, for years and years, big mountain skiers have always been in a World Cup race boot because they demand that ultimate performance. So, it's really an advanced kid's boot. Absolutely. High- performance junior skier. So, and in terms of the last, we don't give numbers on kid's boots but how would you describe the width of the boot? I would consider it a low volume, high-performance lasted boot. For someone looking for the most precise accurate fit they can, great fitting boot. Okay. And, I think you described it but, once again, the ideal customer for this boot is? High performance, advanced, junior skier. Perfect.


There you go. So, that's it. That's the R Series 70 for kids. This has been Ski Talk. Thanks for joining us. Have a great day.

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