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2014 Tecnica Cochise 90 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at Joining us today is Rob Jones. Hi Rob. Hello. Thanks for joining us. Thanks. And Rob is our Tecnica rep and here to tell us about the Tecnica Cochise 90 for women.


This is a great looking women's boot and high-performance as well but what's really interesting about this is this material. Tell us about the new shell material they're using in this boot. It's a new material that we call Triax which is a new lightweight version of PU so it's extremely durable but it's really, really lightweight and one of the really unique things about it, how we inject the boots, the way the colors are pulled through, it's like a zebra. Each one is a little bit different. No two have the same stripes. So this swirl can be different on any boot just a little bit slightly so you get really a truly unique boot. So with 3 buckles and the lighter material, it's a much lighter boot. I can tell by just lifting it, it's definitely much lighter.


Now there are some nice creature comforts on this boot, can you kind of show those to us? Yes. Absolutely. All the buckles on it are aluminum micro-adjustable buckles so when you open them up you have a ton of ability to adjust and fine tune the boot to fit each, you know, individual foot shape. Over the forefoot we have a unique property called Quick Instep. You can lift this buckle up on it here and this material is a slightly softer material so when you go to slide your foot into the boot, it really allows the boot to open up nicely to get it really easy to get your foot in. My wife always had such a hard time getting in her ski boots. That would be a really great feature for her. Absolutely. Now, it's got a ski/walk feature on the back so that can be good for both the women who want to do a little side or backcountry but also for anybody who just walks around in their ski boots. We all get dressed in parking lots and all have to deal with stairs at ski resorts. The way our ski/walk, ski/hike feature works on it, it's a metal-on-metal connection that attaches the upper to the lower cuff. Just by lifting that up there, it allows the entire boot to open up to almost 90 degrees. Makes it a lot more comfortable standing in the bar for a couple of hours as well. Absolutely.


Okay. So, let's talk about the liner in this boot. Tecnica's always been known for making great liners. Right. This is what we call our UltraFit Liner. But it's a heat-moldable liner so basically just by putting the boot on and skiing in it a couple days, it's actually designed to shape and wrap around. So, it will mold all by itself. Absolutely. Okay. All the toe boxes on our boots are all wrapped in neoprene, you know, one of the biggest problems with ski boots is people buy them too big. If you buy your ski boot and your toes aren't up against the front of the boot, chances are that after it stretches a little bit it's going to be too big on you. With having that neoprene out there, it's just going to allow a little bit more added comfort in your toes. You push against the toe and it doesn't bother you, it doesn't hurt. And it's warmer. Yeah. Well, yeah. Let's talk about warmth. Now, Tecnica uses a little extra warmth in their women's boots, right? Yeah, we do a really good job, you know, with insulating the boot in the there. We have a little bit of fur. Fur makes her purr. For sure. You know, really unique design for women on it. It really allows it to stay warm but not sacrificing any performance.


So, I noticed there's a defect in the boot I wanted to point out to you. There's a little hole down in the back bottom. There is. We do that on all of our boots and, you know... It's not a defect? No, it's not a defect. We actually have a pre-cut slit so if anybody wants to add an after-market battery-powered heating element to it they don't have to worry about trying to cut the liner and have it fraying. I always get nervous about putting a knife to a liner. Even though it's okay, it's nice to have it sort of pre-cut. We have it ready to go. Do it at your kitchen table. Easy. Great. All right, so this is a 90 flex or 2 boots in the women's Cochise line: the 90 and the 105. Correct. This is the softer of the 2 but probably the one that's going to have the most appeal in terms of the market, wouldn't you say? Yes. Absolutely. The 90 is our best selling boot. It's designed for that advanced-intermediate, you know, aspiring skier for the woman that can get out there and skis a little bit of everything but wants to get out there and have fun and be comfortable. Sure. And it's a 100 width. 100mm last which is your D width or your medium width last foot so it's going to fit just about everyone's average foot shape.


Okay, so let's describe the female customer that would just love this boot. Intermediate to advanced, high-performance skier. A woman that can ski a little bit of everything out there whether it's, you know, ripping some blues and blacks in the morning and then getting out there and skiing some fun stuff with her kids and he sister in the afternoon. It's a great boot for that advanced-intermediate level skier. And who wants a boot that's unique because everyone's just a little different than the other. You gotta be different. There you go. All right so it's a great little boot: the Tecnica Cochise 90 for women. I'm Steve. This is Rob. Thanks for joining us. Have a great day.

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