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2014 Tecnica Cochise 90 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Good morning. Welcome to Ski Talk. My name is Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O, as they call me here, at and you are... Rob Jones. And what do they call you, Rob? Everybody calls me Jonesy. All right. Okay, Jonesy. So, let's talk about this boot I've got in my hand. It's the Tecnica Chochise 90.


I love the cosmetics on this line, the whole line, the swirling. That wasn't a mistake, was it? Nope. No two are the same, it's like a zebra. Is that true, really? No two are the same? That's interesting. Okay. So, this is a 3 buckle boot unlike the traditional 4 buckle boot so what's the benefit or what's the reason for 3 buckles? Sure. The Cochise line up is what we would consider our modern day interpretation of a true all-mountain ski boot. For the skier looking to go everywhere on the mountain. Okay, and to support that we've got a ski/walk feature on this boot which is a nice feature not only for people who want to go sidecountry but... We all get dressed in parking lots. We all have to go up and down stairs regardless if you're skinning or doing a little bit of touring, this feature in the back of the boot allows the back of the cuff to open up almost to a 90 degree angle. You click it forward, flex into position, it locks it in a metal-on-metal connection which gives you ideal performance just like a race boot. It's pinned in the back in metal which gives you ideal torsional rigidity on it.


So, let's also talk about the buckle system on this. There's a couple of features on the buckles. Want to go through those? Sure. We have gone to a 3 buckle system. Lighter all the way around. But big burly aluminum buckles. All of them are micro-adjustable on it. We have a really unique material called Quick Instep over the tongue of the boot which is a cold molding process to make it a little bit softer so if your boot's cold, it's been in the car, you can allow this buckle to open up, open the top of it, you take your power strap off and it really allows the front of the tongue to come forward to make it really nice and easy to slide into the boot. Okay, great. It's got side cuff adjustment as we'd expect. We have side cuff adjustment on it. It's made out of a really unique material called Triax which is a lighter weight version of PU so it's super strong and durable but extremely lightweight. So with a 3 buckle and this Triax, it's a much lighter boot than traditional. Super lightweight. Oh yeah, that really is much lighter.


And then the sole, you want to talk about the sole a little bit? Sure. We have a really unique sole. all of our soles are going to come standard with your normal DIN- compatible sole which will work in any binding system out there but we actually have removable soles so if someone wanted, they could incorporate or put in a tech compatible sole so you can use it in like a DynaFit touring system to do a little bit of skinning or a little bit of hiking on it. And again, the soles are all screwed on on a metal-on-metal connection so the thing is super solid. Great. So, let's talk about the liner. Now we've got a heat moldable liner which will mold to your foot with your body's own heat, right? Yeah, heat moldable UltraFit liner so essentially, you know, 2 good solid days of skiing on it and it's going to shape and actually form directly towards the form of your foot. All of our toe boxes are wrapped in neoprene, which, you know, is going to give you great performance and fit. Most people buy their boots too big. You know, if your toe's not up against the front of the boot, after it stretches and breaks down, it's going to be a little too big. That way, when your toes are up against the front, it's going to give you a little bit more comfort all the way around and it gives you great insulation properties as well. Great. So this is a 100 width and a 90 flex. Who... 100mm last is a, you know, basically just slightly larger or wider lasted than your normal race boot for that, you know, high-performance skier that wants to have comfort on it. They can get out there and ski everything but, you know, doesn't want to lose all of his toenails.


And then there's 4 boots in the Cochise line, correct? This is the 90, the softest of the 4. Yeah, we go 90 through 130 so this is designed for that advanced-intermediate, you know, high-performance skier that wants to cover every aspect of the hill. Yeah, I would kind of describe this as the advanced skier but is a good athlete at other things and is probably going to get better a lot faster and wants a boot that's going to get better with him. Absolutely. Something that's going to grow with him with time. Exactly. All right, so there you've got it. That's the Cochise 90 from Tecnica. Thanks for joining us, Rob. Thank you. And thanks for joining us at home. I'm Steve. Have a great day.

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