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2014 Tecnica Cochise 120 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to another addition of Ski Talk. I'm Steve, I'm your host and I'm the ski buyer and I'm also called the Ski-E-O here at I guess I have a lot of titles and this is Rob Jones, you have one title. I'm just Jonesy. And you're also our local Tecnica rep. Yes sir. And you know a lot about the boots. I do. All right. So, let's talk about this one. This is a really full-featured, very rich looking boot. This is the Cochise 120.


Yes. Part of the Cochise line. The whole Cochise line has these amazing swirly graphics and you told us on the last video that no two boots are alike. They're all different. The way we inject them, the colors are all pulled through so they're all slightly different. This is a really unique material called Triax which is a much lighter version than PU so you get great durability but it's super lightweight. And it is, even though it looks like it's a 4 buckle boot, it's really a 3 buckle boot, isn't it? So, what's this 4th little buckle up here? Really unique power strap on the top of the boot here which actually goes hand-in-hand with our ski/walk feature in the back of the boot. But we have a really unique power strap where you can cinch down extremely tight and then lock it down to fasten it in place. All the Cochise series boot has a really unique ski/walk ski/hike feature in it. Regardless if you're skinny or not, you're still getting dressed in parking lots and walking around but... It could be for that guy in backcountry or if you don't do back or sidecountry, it's still great for getting from the car to the slopes and the bar. It's a true modern day interpretation of an all-mountain ski boot. By opening up that back boot, lifting this buckle, it's going to allow the entire back of the boot to move almost to 90 degrees.... Which is perfect in the bar. Absolutely. Ski/drink mode. 3 buckles. Super lightweight. Less things that can break if you hit a box or hit a tree but super lightweight. Great ski boot.


What I really like is how the ski/walk works with this unique power strap. I don't think anybody else has anything quite like this where when you pop the walk feature in place, if you don't loosen the power strap, it doesn't work. If you do loosen the power strap on most other boots it just kind of hangs down there in the mud and snow. Absolutely. So this way it doesn't hang down. You can pop them both by just boom-boom and you're ready to go. I noticed there's a little unique...the boot below this one didn't have that. What is this little white thing down here? It's an elastomer material which is just designed to help take out shock and vibration from skiing on hard pack snow, walking up and down a bunch of stairs, jumping in and out of your helicopter. Right, I do that a lot. It's parked outside by the way. Yeah, so, liner on this boot, I know it's got a, oh wait, let's talk about the sole first. Sure. Really unique sole on the bottom of the boot. All of our soles are designed so they can be interchangeable. Not necessarily for wear on them, they're all going to come standard in a Cochise line with a normal DIN sole so will fit into any binding. But they are interchangeable so you can take it off and put it on a tech sole so if you want to do a little bit of a skinning or touring in a DynaFit system, it gives you the ability to do that and actually this year we did come up with pre-canted replaceable soles so for a quarter of a price of planing, we can pop the soles off, you know, buy an after-market sole which you guys have, put it on and have this boot instantly canted. And you don't have the wreak your boot where if you decide you don't like the planing, you're kind of screwed.


Absolutely. All right, can you show the audience the liner? Sure. Really unique liner. We have a new UltraFit Pro Liner which is our highest performance liner out there. Gives you really... Tecnica is always known for their liner but this one is really distinctly different. Yeah, you look at the bottom you can see that, you know, really soft gummy material just designed to help to take out... Oh wow, that is soft. ...shock and vibration. You know, from those big drops and bumps that you're skiing. You know really, really pay attention, you know, to all the finer detail in it. Neoprene wrapped toe box to help with a little bit of stretch and give in the toe. We've actually extended the neoprene back about an inch this year. Someone with that little extra, you know, pinky sticking out... No bang on the side, yeah. Absolutely. But super high-performance boot. Leather upper in the back, you know, helps prevent wear, makes it real easy to get on and off. And not to say that this customer's feet might get cold but just in case, that is pre-ready pre-slotted for heating aperatus. Absolutely. If you want to put a heating system in it, it's already cut. Okay. So, this is a 120 flex so there are 4 models in the Cochise line: 90, 110, 120 and 130, so this is the second from the top in terms of stiffness. Absolutely, so, you know, this is designed, you know, for guys like me and you. Guys that can ski everything out there... Guys like you. I'll take the 110. This is the boot that I ski in myself. I've been in it a couple years. It's for the guy that's always charging, that loves to get out there. Skis super hard and aggressive and, you know, I love this boot. It is by far the best boot I've ever skied in. Yeah, I think this 120 is the true, all-mountain, good skier's go-anywhere... It's your hero boot. Hero boot. There you got it. Hero boot. Guy's a hero. All right, well, thanks for joining us today. That's the Cochise 120. Thanks Rob. Thanks. And thanks for joining us at home.

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