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2014 Tecnica Cochise 110 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to another addition of Ski Talk. I'm Steve your host. At, I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here. And with us is Rob Jones. What do you do here? I'm the Tecnica Blizzard sales rep. Oh okay and that must explain why I've got a Tecnica boot in my hand. Absolutely. And what do I have here? That is the Cochise 110.


Okay, and you told me earlier before we got on film, you think this is the best looking boot in the line. It's got pop to it. I mean, I want to put it on right now. No accounting for, I actually agree. I think this is a great looking boot. By the way, it has green buckles, we're working with a green screen so if the buckles are kind of disappearing on you, you kind of know why. All right, so let's get into it. This boot's got some really neat features on it. It's a traditional 3 buckle boot but it has a power strap, which all boots have, but with a buckle on it. Can you tell us about that? Sure. It gives you a really unique closure so we can get a very secure, you know, enclosure around the top of the boot. By cinching that power strap and then closing that buckle we get a great... Really much tighter than you can with just Velcro. Absolutely.


And then it's got a ski/walk feature. You want to talk about that? Sure. We have a built in ski/walk ski/hike feature. I know not everyone's always out there hiking of skinning but we all get dressed in parking lots and always have to deal with stairs and moving around. Our ski feature is a metal-on-metal connection which is really unique to us. No one else in the industry does that. That metal-on-metal connection, when it's locked in place, gives you great performance, but by lifting up on this, opening that power strap, it allows the back of the boot to actually open almost to 90 degrees. And, I think, I want to underscore how cool those two work together. Most boots that have a ski/walk feature have a traditional power strap and so if you pop the ski/walk open but don't loosen the power strap, it won't move. No. And if you loosen the power strap you have a power strap hanging into the snow and the dirt and stuff like that. But it kind of has a problem so you have to kind of adjust that power strap so it doesn't fall. Here, you just pop one, pop the other, you don't have to worry about that and you got your walk feature. You're ready to go and when you're ready to ski, you flex forward, lock that in place. Yeah, I think that's a huge advantage.


I noticed we got kind of a beefier spine in the back here as well. Yes. It's reinforced in the back. You know a stiffer spine in the back is designed to give you that great torsional rigidity. You want to have the boot that's slightly softer in flex this way to go over all the different type of terrain you're skiing but maintain that great torsional rigidity so when you put it on edge, it gives you unbelievably good hold. And then the sole on this boot, it has a removable sole, but that's not just for the purpose of replacing wear. You can do a couple of different things with it. Absolutely. All of our soles are designed so they can be interchangeable. They're all going to come standard with a normal DIN sole. All meaning the Cochise. All the Cochise, yes. They'll all work in your normal traditional ski binding but they are designed so they can be interchangeable so if you want to put a tech sole, which is a sole so you can go into a touring system, a Dynafit system... Someone who is doing more backcountry stuff. Backcountry stuff, you can do that and actually this year we did just come out with new soles that are actually pre-canted as opposed to trying get your soles plained or anything you can pop these off and put a 1 degree cant on there. Yeah, I think that's really cool. We sell them separately on the website, they don't come in the box, but you can actually insert a canted sole instead of having to grind your boots down if you feel you need it. For a quarter of the price. Yep. For those people that want a canted or need a canted boot.


All right. Let's talk about the liner in this. It's got a pretty beefy liner. It is a heat-moldable, mold by your, with your foot liner. Just simply for putting the liner on and skiing in it a couple days, it's really going to shape towards the form of your foot. We have an adjustable spoiler on the back of the boot so you can raise and lower it depending on the shape of your calf to get it to fit but if you look at the finishing on this boot, it's made extremely well, you know, the toe boxes are all wrapped neoprene. It looks like there's more neoprene on that one than the boots we've seen so far. All of our new Cochise boots this year we've actually extended that neoprene down about an extra inch on the boot so you get someone with maybe that 6th toe off that... You can see it's right where you would get that sort of pain in that 6th toe as they call it. Absolutely, and it really allows that liner to stretch with your foot. So, width and flex on this boot. This is a 100 width and a 110 flex. 100mm last which is that mid-to-low volume last. It's going to be, you know, slightly narrower than your typical "race last", if you will, for that high performance skier demanding ultimate performance but wants something they can ski in all day without losing the feeling in their foot.


Okay, and then the 110 flex so describe the guy who would just love this boot. You. High performance, aggressive, all-mountain skier looking to cover every aspect of the hill out there. Yeah, performance but lots of nice, little creature comforts to make it fun too. All the bells, buzzers, whistles. There you go, Rob. All right, there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. Your favorite boot in the line, right? Absolutely. At least from a cosmetic standpoint. All right, well thanks for joining us for Ski Talk. Have a great day.
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