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2014 Tecnica Cochise 105 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, my name's Rob Jones. I'm here from Tecnica sitting here with Steve from, your host. Today we're here to talk about our ladies' Cochise 105 ski boot.


Now the only reason he's doing the intro is because I just messed it up 4 times so I gave it to Rob. It's okay. I got his back. Okay. So, we have a new Cochise ladies boot right here. Our Cochise boot is what we consider our modern day interpretation of a true all-mountain ski boot. Now this is the top-of-the-line women's alpine boot in the Tecnica line. Absolutely. All right. So, let's kind of go through the features on it, Rob. So, it's got a very unique power strap on it unlike the other boots in the line or any other boots for that matter. Can you talk about the power strap? Absolutely. We have a really big 55mm power strap incorporated with a buckle on the top of it. So, with this power strap, like any other power strap, you can really lock it down tight and then cinch it down to give you an even tighter closure than you can typically get by pulling on it. Yeah, cause Velcro's just not, it's all always going to give a little and loosen up during the day.


Now, let's talk about the walk feature and then how these two kind of work together. They go hand-in-hand. So, in all of our Cochise series... Foot-in-foot. Foot-in-foot. All of our Cochise series boots have a really unique ski/walk ski/hike feature in the boot. The way that we incorporate the top and lower portion of the shell, it's a metal-on- metal connection. That metal-on-metal connection gives you great support and great torsional rigidity. So, simply by pulling up on that strap and lifting up on that bale, it's going to allow the entire boot to open and close so it gives you really ease-ability of walking. Yeah, and the reason why these two work together so well is on most boots that have ski/walk, lots of boots have ski/walk feature, but they don't have that kind of power strap is you have to undo the power strap and let it kind of hang down into the mud and snow in order for the walk to fully work properly. So this way you just pop both of them open and nothing's hanging down and... You're ready to ski. Flex forward. You're good to go. Go to the bar. Go the bar. Okay, so let's see. In terms of... you have a side cant on it, side cuff adjustment. Side cant on it. It's made out of a really unique material called Triax. Yeah, let's talk about the shell. Triax is a really light version of PU so it's going to give you great durability all the way around but it's extremely lightweight. 3 buckles on it, less things to get in the way, take some weight out of the boot on it. We have... Which is a nice advantage when you're hiking and stuff to have less material, less weight on your feet. It's the fatigue factor. We want to get you out on the hill and make you stay out there longer.


Now it's a great looking boot. It's got all kinds of swirly design in it but there's something unique about that. Yeah, the way we inject the boots, it's like a zebra. No 2 have the same stripes. Each one is going to be a little bit different so it is truly a one-of-a-color paint job for each individual color. That's very cool. Now Tecnica builds their boots really beefy, I mean, they really are a skier's boot. We got a metal spoiler in the back for extra rigidity. What else? A lot of the things that we do with just the attention to detail that we pay on the boot, you know, everything is finished off really nice. You know, our liners are absolutely amazing. You know, the back of the boot, you know, the spine is really reinforced so we give great torsional rigidity. You take a look at our liner there, it's just a work of art. Everything's, you know, hand-stitched, you know, great finishing on it, you know, really, really well-finished product. And you've got a neoprene toe box which is nice, all you boots have it, but you have a little extra neoprene on the side here for that person with that little hammer toe, 6th toe, whatever you call it. Absolutely and, you know, one of the biggest issues we have is most people buy their ski boots too big. If you buy your boot and your toes aren't up against the front of the boot, chances are that after it stretches and breaks in a little bit you're going to have some play in it. This way when your toes are up against the front of the boot, it just gives you that extra little cushion. Well, and the customer for this boot is a high-performance woman skier who probably wants their boot super-tight. That's that top ripper girl. The girl that can ski anything out there on the hill. The girl that you're always trying to catch but still is faster than you. My wife. Now, it's still, even though this is a super high-performance boot, it's still got a little slit in the liner ready for heat if you need that. It's got nice foam and fur and all kinds of nice little creature comforts in it.


Great insulation properties on it to, you know, obviously we don't want to sacrifice comfort with performance. This is going to give you the best of all worlds for that high-performance woman skier. And heat-moldable with your body's own heat. Yeah, just by skiing in it a couple days, it's really going to shape and mold towards the form of your foot. Okay, now this is 105. That's pretty high up there in terms of women's flexes. This is one of the stiffest women's boots on the market outside of a race boot. Yes, it is. It's going to be our highest performance women's boot in the line. So describe for me the perfect skier for this boot. Well, where our Cochise 90 is a 100mm last boot, this is a 98mm last boot, so it's going to be a lower volume fit for someone who maybe grew up skiing in a race boot, is always been in a really low volume boot that wants that high-performance, low volume fit but wants a boot that they can ski everything out there. Top dog, woman skier that can rip and ski everything. Perfect boot for her. Ex-racer, ideally. Tecnica's always been known for making some of the best race boots. This is really a comfortable version of a high-performance race boot for all-mountain. With all the ability to ski every aspect of the hill. And with a unique shell for every customer. Sure, and it's beautiful looking. There you go. So, there you have it. That's the Tecnica Cochise 105 and thanks for doing the introduction, Rob. Thank you. You want to do the exit? Well, we're signing off here and we'll see you out on the hill. Sounds good.

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