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2014 Salomon STH2 WTR 13 Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer here at Joining me is Rick, our local ski rep and 19 year veteran with Salomon. And, in front of me, straddled across the chair here is the new Salomon STH 13.


This is a brand new binding, right? Yeah. STH 213. Oh, STH 2...what's the 2 mean? It's the second generation. Gotchya and then this is the newest one in that series. Yes. All right so I'm going to leave it up. Tell us about it. Well, Salomon obviously has a huge tradition in the ski industry but where we really started was in bindings and where we have long been known for is our driver-style or our longwind bindings so what we've been really challenged to do is come up with something now that accommodates or addresses the new wider skis. Ya know, what kind of skis do you ski on now, Steve? I've got different ones but anywhere from 88 to 115 in the waist. Okay, so they're getting wider underfoot. Yeah, my favorite ski is actually my 100 which is much wider than I skied 3 or 4 years ago. Yeah, so what we're trying to do is address that.


You need, to get the ski up on edge, to maintain the direction you're trying to go, you've got to maintain that edge pressure so we're giving you a much wider platform underfoot so you can maintain that edge pressure. We're giving you that longer wing design so you get more boot to binding contact. If you think about it, whenever you wrap around something you're really going to have more control, more power over it. And this toe design has been proven for years, I mean, people that demand performance have always chosen this toe design. We give you some of the best shock absorption in the industry so the binding's going to keep you in when you need to stay in but you do have diagonal pivots so you've got great protection as well so it keeps you in when you want to stay in, let's you out when you need to get out. Yeah, you mention the shock absorption, those little yellow pads, that's what the shock absorption is? No, those are just for looks. Oh okay. No, they are for shock absorption because, you know, a lot of these wide skis as well, they're not just for powder anymore. A lot of people like yourself, you know, 100mm is getting to be an inbounds or all-mountain ski so by adding the dampeners underneath the binding, it gives you a little smoother ride on the groomed runs as well. Yeah, you're really right about the wider ski too, I mean, it wasn't that long ago that we were skiing skis that were less than 70mm wide. 68, 67. When you think about skis now that are 120-125, it's almost twice as wide. Yeah. I mean... You mounted that little narrow bindings in there, it wouldn't give you really much control over the ski. Exactly.


So, you know, great shock absorption. Holds you in. Gives you the confidence when you are charging the backcountry but also gives you that performance when you're on the fronside skiing those firmer conditions as well. So, and it comes in multiple different brakes sizes I assume as well? It does. So, who is the ideal customer for this binding? Anybody looking for the ultimate performance. Okay. Great. So a ski binding that will keep you safe but give you better performance on the ski as well. You bet. Okay, so there you have it, folks. That is the... STH 213 from Salomon offered in the silver and also in a green and blue. Great. Thanks for saving me on that one. You betchya. Thanks, Steve. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. Have a great day.

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