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2014 Salomon SPK 75 Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, welcome to Ski Talk. i'm Rob from joined today by Rick our Salomon rep. Rick, thanks for being here. You bet, Rob. So, we're talking about the SPK 75 park and pipe boot from Salomon.


Really cool boot. Rick, what can you tell us about it? Well, first thing I got to say, Rob, is this is the boot or the line of boots that started the whole category. I mean, we were the first company to bring a pipe and park boot to the market. Definitely. And this has a really cool shape to it. Cool last to the boot. Yeah, we call it A V last so, just like it says, ya know, it's shaped like a V. Locks the heel down for great performance. Great edge hold but wider up in the forefoot. Allows the kids to get much better balance, better performance when they're doing the tricks and in the pipe and park.


And now, again, being a pipe, a park and pipe boot, what other features really kind of separate this? The key thing on the 75 too is that over-sized last in the forefoot and then also for those big hits, those big landings is we put a big EVA shock absorber underneath the heel. So, to cushion those landings, give them an easier, much better shot at landing the tricks. And something else with this boot that you really don't see very often is only 2 buckles. Right. Simple. Lightweight. You know, they want, they are spinning and grinning, as I call it, so they need lighter weight. And again, a little more free movement in the forefoot area. Another great feature on this boot is the liner. Yep. Using the faux fur, you know, doesn't really add much to the performance but gives them good warmth.


You've got the easy entry with the slick fit so easy to get on, easy to get off and also our custom fit material, ya know, the boot is very stable out of the box but if you need to tweak it you can. Awesome. And so now we've already talked that it's kind of a park and pipe boot but who's the skier for this in that park and pipe rider? This would be for that probably, you know, I'd say, I'd call it the tweener. You know, some of the younger kids that are maybe in that 10-13 year old. Just starting to get into it. I've also seen a lot of kids that ski bumps like this style of boot too. A little bit more forgiving so a little bit easier in the bumps as well. Perfect. Well, there you have it. The SPK 75 from Salomon. Rick, thanks again for joining us. You bet. I'm Rob from and this has been Ski Talk.

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