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2014 Salomon Quest Max 130 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Rick, how ya doing today? I'm doing great, Steve. Thanks. He introduced me as Steve, I'm Steve with I'm the ski buyer here. Rick, what's your job? Steve, I've been with Salomon Sports for almost 20 years now. You sound tired. No, ready to go. Okay. How about we talk about the Quest Max 130.


You bet. Now we've been through we're seeming, being a little tired right now I think because we've been through the entire Quest Max line but we are now at the top of the line. Yeah, we've got some stuff to talk about. This is a phenomenal boot. This is the best of the Quest series, right? This is the, it's the top of the line. All right. Well, I know you like to talk so here you go. Tell us all about this boot. You've got three buckle design. This is our you know frontside, backside. This is our all-mountain boot. Quest series is for that customer that's looking for that backcountry access as well. I don't mean to stop you but how about you hold it in front of you because we're working with a green screen and the boot's got green on it so it might partially disappear on us.


But looking for that, not only frontside but all-mountain access so you've got three buckle design makes it a little bit lighter weight but you're absolutely not giving up any performance at all. You've got that walk and hike mode back here so it releases the upper cuff, engages... This customer's most likely, besides using it to walk around, this customer is most likely going to do a little sidecountry. You know... It allows them to hike and get to some of that better area. Backcountry. Boyne. You know, those back bowls up there. So, and then when you're ready to ski again, just click it back down, you're ready to go. 98mm last here so low volume. This is going to give you that most precise fit or... It's that tight racing-like fit. Not real racer but that really snug fit that that high performance skier wants. Yeah, or that narrower fit too. I mean, there are some skiers out there with narrow feet. But this is a custom moldable liner and custom moldable shell so if a person needs more room... They can get it. They can get it. Exactly. and to go along with that precise fit, using the pleather liner, you know, again, makes it easy access to get in but also just gives you that very grippy, you know, very secure, locked in feel.


Okay. So, tell us who is the perfect customer. What type of skiing style, what type of skiing conditions would the person who would buy this boot typically be in? Somebody that is looking for some backcountry access but the way I like to describe this boot is it's 80% frontside, or you know, full on alpine boot or downhill experinece. 20% uphill hike. So, I don't need to be an AT skier just if I want to get a little bit of fresh pow on those days that it's available Yeah, exactly. And, in terms of the flex, it's a 130 flex so that's a stiff boot. Even a lot of advanced skiers don't really need a boot quite that stiff so you got to make sure that you want a flex of that. It's a fairly beefy boot, yeah. You got to be a hard-charging guy. Yes. So there you have it: the Quest Max 130 from Salomon. This is Rick. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. Thanks.

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