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2014 Salomon Quest Max 100 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O, as they like to call me here, at And with us today is Rick Andreson, our 19 year veteran from Salomon to help talk about ski boots. Hi. And we're going to talk on this video about the Quest Max 100.


Now, I have a personal knowledge about this boot because this is my boot. This is the boot that I ski on. I've gotten an amazing fit out of this boot. I've struggled in boots for many many years and this is the first boot that fit me really first time out. It's a great fitting boot. Awesome. So, that's my endorsement. So let's kind of talk about this boot a little bit, Rick. Let's kind of go through some of the features. I'll kind of hand this boot over to you.


Now, it's got the three buckle micro-adjustable which all the boots in this line has had and it's got the ski/walk feature which we've talked about on other videos. But it's got a couple new features on it that weren't available on the models below it. I noticed that this buckle is actually movable there. What's up with that? Idea being just simply very easy to adjust. Can accommodate either a higher or a lower volume in the instep. Kind of a tough place to fit. So, if a person has an instep problem, this boot's got a solution for that. It'll adjust to it, right. And it can help to accommodate a lower volume or a narrower heel. Okay. Now this is a 100mm last. 98 actually. Oh, 98 last but it can actually get bigger if necessary. It has a custom moldable liner and shell if a person needs some custom fitting, right? Yep. What other features for good fit and performance does this boot have? Full heat moldable liner, like you said. If needed, you've got the walk/ski mode which is a great feature, ya know, this boot really is designed for that customer that, you know, could be going after some of that backcountry skiing. So, releases the upper cuff, allows it to actually go into hike mode. Very simple to reengage into ski mode but you've got a boot that's still 100% alpine.


So, I also noticed that it's got this oversized pivot in here. What's the benefit or what's the purpose of that? The idea with that is it distributes the pressure evenly or gives you more power out of the entire boot versus just focusing it out of the ball of the foot. That's really designed for the way you have to ski the shaped skis these days. You have to get over more. Need more of a... More of a centered stance. Yeah, exactly. Let's see. We talked about micro-adjustable buckles. The sole on the boot's got kind of a nice little feature to it. Yep. Kind of that Vibram-type sole so it gives you a little more grip when you're hiking. And then, you can't see it to the camera but one of the things I like about this boot is it's got a leather-like, I don't think this is real leather, right? Pleather Pleather, yeah, up at the top which, as opposed to a cushy foamy kinda thing, it gives me a nice tight feel on the boot. I feel very secure and very safe like I can make the ski perform exactly the way I want with that really nice tight fit. Yeah, I would kind of compare this to that road bike. It's going to be a little more precision, give you better grip, more precise fit. Lower volume so giving you that extra performance.


So this is that advanced level to expert skier. Wants a super high-performance boot. Nice snug fit. Ability to be able to customize it, if necessary. Exactly. Okay, so there you have it: Quest Max 100 from Salomon. Thanks for joining us. I'm Steve. Have a great day. Thanks.

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