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2014 Salomon Quest Access 50 & 60 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the Ski-E-O here at and today Rick Andreson is joining us. He's our local Salomon rep, been with Salomon for over 20, almost 20 years, right? Yep, sure have. And we're going to talk about the women's Quest Axis series.


I have the Quest Axis 50 in my hand and you've got the 60 in your hand. These are basically the same boots except that the 60 is a bit stiffer, correct? Yep, 10% stiffer. So, tell us about this boot. This is basically your entry level boot for women. Beginner, intermediate type skier, right? So what kind of features does the boot have to help the beginner-intermediate skier be comfortable and ski a little better. Both offer a three buckle design so super lightweight, incredibly convenient. Ya know, eliminates that one buckle so easier to get on, easier to get off and again lighter weight.


We offer a little gadget that we call the walk/ski mode back here probably the best thing to happen to ski boots in a long time. You just flip this up, it gages the upper cuff, allows it to upright itself so it makes it easier to walk. If you're in a long lift line, it allows you to stand a little more naturally. If you got that long hike up to the lodge from the car, just makes it a little bit easier. When you're ready to ski too, ya know, it's not rocket science to get this back into ski mode, just click it down, lean forward and you're ready to go. Okay. Yeah, it makes it really comfortable for walking or standing or hanging out at the bar. Yeah. All right.


Let's talk about the fit on this boot. Now what kind of a fit is this boot known for? I like to refer to these boots, Steve, as the beach cruisers of the boot line. Really leaning more towards that comfort and cush. A little wider fit. 104 if you like to talk numbers but just a much easier fit in the forefoot. A very easy fit in the upper cuff as well. We should point out that they're fur-lined. Yep, gives you a lot of warmth and then with all of our women's boots we do use a little extra insulation in the toe box as well. Because women's feet typically get colder a little bit easier than men's.


Okay, great. So, again who is the ideal customer for these two boots? I would say both of them would be entry-level through low intermediate. Ya know, skiing 2-3 days a year. Maybe a little more. Somebody coming out of a rental boot wanting to be a little more, ski a few more days and have their own equipment. Okay. Great. So, and I think they're both really good looking boots too so I compliment Salomon on doing some great graphics on the boot for this year. Yeah, we're trying to, ya know, nobody likes to look like a beginner and we're really trying to get the boots a lot of the accents off the upper end boots. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to tell these from the much higher end boots. All right so there you have it. That's the Quest Axis women's series. The 50 and the 60. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk today.

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