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2014 Salomon Quest 90 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, Rick. Hi Steve. How ya doing? I'm doing great. Good. Welcome to Ski Talk. Thanks, thanks a lot. Hello audience, I'm Steve. I'm the Ski-E-O here at and Rick is joining us today at Ski Talk to talk about the Quest 90 from Salomon. Correct. I got that right, okay. I got the model right, let's see if I can get the rest of it right.


All right, so one of the things I want to point out to the audience is this is a really good looking boot. It's actually a great fitting boot because I've tried this boot on before. It's got sort of a clear shell on it so you can see the liner through it and it's got man fur on the top, right? Man fur, yes. Soft and cozy. But it's also a great fitting boot, isn't it? So, in terms of fit and features, tell us about the three buckle design. This is a three buckle boot with micro-adjustable buckles. Yep. This is the Quest line of boots is an alpine line of boots but also gives you some sidecountry access as well so the three buckle design lightens up the boot, gives you a little more convenience. And for those people who have been used to a traditional four buckle boot, I have a three buckle boot now as well, I don't think there's really any difference in terms of the quality or tightness of the fit. Absolutely not. It gives you a little more progressive flex so and that's really what you want with the new ski shape so... Yep. Exactly.


Now this has the ski/walk feature which you started to elude to. Tell us what that does. Okay, in the back here you just engage this, releases the upper cuff, makes the, just like you said, it kind of describes what it does. It allows the boot to the upper cuff to release, go into a more upright position so it's easier to walk in. Stands more upright. If you get into a long lift line but at this level too, it does give this customer the chance to have a little sidecountry or a little, you know, backcountry access. If they're out west and skiing some of the bowls they can hike in to some of that fresh powder. Yeah cause sometimes just a 100 yard hike will get you to some nice fresh snow and although you can do it without that, and it also has a nice sole for helping you to hike too. Can you show the sole? Yeah. It has a little bit kind of like a hiking boot type walking sole. It's like a grippy sole, right? Okay.


Now it has cuff adjustment as well so it adjusts for a person's cuff, if necessary, right? So it will align to the lower leg. Okay. And then the liner, this is a custom fit liner which Salomon is known for. Yep. What about the last? What kind of width are we talking about this? This is a medium last so it's going to fit that average foot out there probably 80-90% of the skiers on the mountain would apply to this. So, it's a 100 last which is a snugger but performance-oriented last. Correct. Think of this kind of like a mountain bike. Ya know, it's going to fit the average customer out there. Okay. So describe for me, Rick, who is the perfect ideal customer for this boot? At this flex level I would say somebody that's a good intermediate to advanced-intermediate, maybe that lighter weight type 3 skier. Likes to ski the whole mountain. Looking for comfort and convenience. Likes the new three buckle design and wants some convenience with that walk/ski mode.


So for, if I'm an intermediate skier that really wants to get better, would this be a good boot for me? Perfect. Okay. Great. There you have it. that's the Quest 90 from Salomon. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk today. Thanks.

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