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2014 Salomon Quest 80 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at and joining us today is Rick. Hi Rick. How ya doing, Steve? Rick is our 19 year veteran with Salomon, knows a few things about boots and is going to tell us about the women's Quest 80 from Salomon.


So the Quest 80 boot is a really nice fitting boot for that strong-intermediate woman to advanced-level woman, correct? Sure is. So it's a three buckle design. Why don't you tell us a little bit about the three buckle design? Now why three buckles, first of all? At this level, Steve, really we're talking about ease of access, convenience and a little bit lighter weight without sacrificing any performance. And it's also got a ski/walk feature on it which is a real nice feature both for on the bottom of the hill and at the top of the hill, right? Yeah. Just release it, uprights the cuff, allows them to walk a little bit easier, stand a little more naturally. When you're ready to ski, just click it down and then when you're ready to make your first turn, as you flex forward, it locks it back into the ski position. I said top of the hill, what I meant by that is if the person owning this boot wants to do a little bit of hiking to get to some of the fresh powder and stuff... Sure. makes it a lot easier to walk, right? Yeah. I wouldn't call it a true AT boot but yeah you got some backcountry access built in here.


Now the sole is a little bit accommodating for that as well. Yeah, almost mimicking somewhat of a hiking boot style. That's good for gripping either at the bottom of the hill if there's a lot of snow and stuff, it will help give a better grip and traction. Yeah. We've all seen the Warren Miller movie so this will help cut out some of that slip-and-slide. So, in terms of the buckles, we got micro-adjustable buckles. We've got side cuff adjustments on it. What else do we have for a good fit and feature? Yeah, you've got that upper cuff alignment so it will accommodate, ya know so it will align to the lower leg. You've got micro-adjustability here so it can fit just about every foot. 100mm last, that doesn't mean a lot to, you know, our customers out there but what that does mean is it's going to fit that average foot. You know, probably 80-85% of the customers out there, this will be slam dunk for them. And the difference between this boot, the Quest 80 and the Axis 70 and 60 for women is this is a much narrower last. This is a snug fitting boot versus those other ones which are more of a comfort, looser fit, right? Yeah, this definitely is not gonna, ya know, be that super low volume fit but again average fit, more performance-oriented for sure than the Axis. Yeah, that's what I'm kind of getting at is this is for the woman who's a good intermediate skier and wants the better connection to ski for better performance.


Now let's talk about the liner. It does have the custom heat-moldable liner. What else does the liner got going on? You've got the faux fur so it gives it a nice look, really comfortable. Super warm. All of our ladies have extra insulation too. I think that's an important point that the...Salomon is known for having really warm boots and the women's boots are even warmer than the men's, right? You guys put a little extra insulation in there, a little more quilting. We try to keep them happy. Stuff like that, yep. All right, is there any features I missed on that boot? I think we got it covered, Steve. Okay, great. So there you have it. That's the Quest 80 for women. I'm Steve and this has been Ski Talk. Thanks for joining us.

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