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2014 Salomon Quest 100 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcoem to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer here at and joining us today is Rick Andreson our Salomon... that's a tough one to say. Not Anderson, right? Andreson. Andreson. Okay, sorry. It's okay.


All right and we're going to talk about the Quest 100 for women now this is a really nice high-performance boot for that good skiing woman, right? It's a three buckle design which we've covered in some of the other videos but there is something a little unique about this top buckle which I'd like you to explain. Yeah. It's a super consumer-friendly design. Tool-free adjustment up here so if you need a little more room you can simply just adjust this out. Along with the micro-adjust so giving yourself plenty of room here or, you know, if you've got that lower volume calf muscle, you can adjust it back. So, really giving yourself a great fit up here because it's really where you get all the energy from. Right because you know working in a shop, sometimes boots are harder to fit for the woman with the more muscular lower shorter, shorter calf. And that gives you an extra feature. All women's boots are a little more generous there but this is even more than average to allow for that additional... Yeah, in the old days you used to have to drill it and remove it now we've taken that guess work out of it.


Now it's also got a ski/walk feature on the back. Now that's a really nice comfort performance feature as well. Yeah, you can simply just click this up, releases the upper cuff so it makes it easier to walk, easier to stand up but also... Easier to hang out in the bar. Easier to hang out in the bar. But also at this level too it gives you a little backcountry access. if you want to do that 5-10 minute hike to catch that powder stash, click it up, you go into hike mode. When you're ready to ski just click it back down, make that first turn locks in and you're ready to go. Okay, and then it's also got a sole which is a little bit helpful in that regard as well, right? Yep. Kind of mimics a hiking boot sole. Okay. Now let's talk about the fit of this boot. It's a 100 flex and a 100 last. Exactly. So, let's talk about both of those. So, that's going to be your average last. Fits the, ya know, normal or medium lasted foot maybe 85-90% of the skiers out there. But it is a snugger fit than the more wider... Performance fit. Exactly. And 100 flex. Now that's pretty high on the flex scale for women so this is for a good faster skiing woman, right? I'd sell this to advanced-intermediate all the way up to that lighter weight expert. But not for a beginner is kind of what I'm getting at. No. No. All right, now let's talk about the liner. It's got some nice little fur at the top, I see. Yep. It's custom heat moldable liner if needed. You've got the faux fur so it gives you a little more warmth and then like all Salomon boots in our women's side, we do use extra insulation. in it.


And I noticed it's got the performance liner which has a lot of memory foam type material in it which will actually hold its shape and slowly over time custom fit to the person's foot. Sure will. Okay. It's got side cuff adjustment, I think we forgot to talk about. Yeah, just aligns the upper cuff to the lower leg so super simple on that as well. There's really no features that boot is lacking. It's got everything for a good snug fit. Yep. So, describe the perfect customer for that boot. I would say that advanced-intermediate even into the advanced-expert level looking for a great all-mountain boot possibly even starting to venture out-of-bounds a little bit trying some of the backcountry. Okay. All right. Thanks, Rick. Thank you, Steve. There you have it. There's Quest 100 for women. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.

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