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2014 Salomon Guardian 13 & 16 Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at and I have got with us today Rick. Hi Rick. How ya doing, Steve? Rick is our veteran Salomon ski rep and we have some new bindings actually they're not new, they've been out a year. This is our second year for these bindings, right? Yeah. And this is the Guardian series. I've got the Guardian 13. Which is actually new this year. And you've got the Guardian... 16 which we did introduce last season.


All right. So there's something really special about these bindings. What is it, Rick? Well there's quite a few things, this is, you know, bindings have a kind of a double roll that they play. A traditional binding where they're designed to keep you in but also let you out. Well, ya know, what's going on out in the industry nowadays is the fact that people want to push the boundaries, literally, and access the backcountry so these new AT bindings allow you to just do that. They allow you to access the backcountry. And you can just show it right there, right? Very simple, you put your pole in here, right? Yeah. Release and it's not necessarily only for AT skiers, it can be for a guy who just wants to do a little backcountry but also needs a binding that will perform, right? That's one of the key things about our binding, I mean, they're this really is an alpine binding. I mean this is 80% alpine, 20% backcountry but I think what really separates this from some of the other, some of our competitors out there is the fact that when you do want to go backcountry, you don't have to get out of it. Just like you said, you simply use your pole back here, engage it and you can take off and skin your way back into those back bowls or what have you. And, you know, you can easily just clip it back in but you have this little uh, little uh what do you call this thing?


This little bar here that kind of holds it up so as you're walking you can continue... Keeps you from reengaging it. So, with this and maybe one of the Salomon boots with the hike/walk feature you can really access that backcountry comfortably and probably more performance-oriented, right? Exaclty. I mean, you know, the hike part is great for the cardiovascular and, you know, you're really proving something but I think what it all boils down to is the reason people are hiking the backcountry is for the ascent and that's what we're really trying to deliver here is a true alpine binding that will give you that performance to get the skis up on edge, keep you in and give you the confidence. Right and I can say it's been a big success. We sold a lot of these this year and now they've come out with the 13 as well as the 16. Correct. What's the difference between the two? It's just the weight range so you've got the 16 for that, you know, either... 16 is the DIN setting. So for that very aggressive or that heavier and or more aggressive skier really charging it, the most advanced-level type skier and then you have the 13 for the lighter weight or maybe the less aggressive skier.


And we should also tell people that they come in 2 different sizes so you want to check the website and make sure that you're buying the size that's appropriate for your ski width. There's a small or large. For the language. And also check the waist width of the ski that you're going to be putting it on and make sure that the brake matches that. Right, because there different brake widths as well. Yep. All right. There you have it. There's the Guardian 13 and the Guardian 16 from Salomon. Thanks, Rick. Thank you, Steve. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. My pleasure.

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