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2014 Rossignol Pursuit HP Ski Review

Reviewed by Steve K ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi i'm Steve, and I just got off the Rossignol Pursuit HP. I give this ski 4/5 stars, the best word I can use to describe this ski would be a tank. It is extremely solid, it plows through anything. I felt like my skis were literally were sucking to the ground. The only thing I would say bad about it is the transition from edge to edge was very slow. If you like those big open wide swooping turns you'd probably really love this ski. It definitely does take time to move edge to edge it's not exactly quick snappy short turn ski. For a big mountain guy, probably a guy bigger then I am, and younger than I am. This things a monster it could probably handle an enormous amount of speed and weight.

 Our Price: $949.99 | Retail Value: $1,050.00 (Save 10%) Steve K's Review Rating:  
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