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2014 POC Skull Comp 2.0 Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and Today I'm joined by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Sure. So, we're talking about the POC Skull Comp 2.0 Race Helmet.


This helmet, I mean it has all the fancy bells and whistles you're looking for in a race helmet. Yeah, this is our World Cup level, serious race helmet for the top notch. It offers everything that we have in a race helmet from the light weight PC/ABS outer, thin outer shell. But inside of that is an Aramid Kevlar penetration barrier which really creates a real safe net over the helmet but keeps it really lightweight as well. And internally, this has a great inner shell, inner part to the shell. Yeah, this one as opposed to our regular skull series has a super core honeycomb liner in it that's really an energy-absorbing honeycomb that really helps dissipate any force or trauma that's put onto the helmet. Really designed to help kind of take that big impact. Right.


Well, you couple that with the liner that is an EPP liner which is a multi-impact so it can take multiple impacts whether in a fall or continual bashing from a gate. Much more comfortable that way as well. And another cool feature and really more of a maintenance feature then a safety feature - interchangeable liner inside. Take it out, wash it and put it in. It just Velcros right in and out and it's fully padded and you just chuck it in the washing machine and it's as good as new. And a really, also a really beefy, bullet, kind of bomb-proof buckle too. Oh yeah. As opposed to our Skull helmet, this one also has almost the seatbelt kind of buckle system to it. Again, if you're crashing at 70-80 miles per hour, you want the helmet staying on absorbing impact and keeping you safe. Perfect.


So there it is: the POC Skull Comp 2.0 World Cup level race helmet. Again, this is Jeff. Thanks for joining us, Jeff. Absolutely. I'm Rob from and

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