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2014 POC Receptor Backcountry Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Sure. So we're talking about the POC Receptor Backcountry helmet. A super cool helmet in POC's line.


What's the first thing that really jumps out at you with this helmet? Well, you know it comes from our Receptor Bug series and that's an award- winning design for us. Because it's a double shell set up, it's got an in-mold inner shell and then a hard shell outer with the holes for venting offset from one another so you get the venting but you still have the penetration resistance, the protection you need from a helmet. Keeps it lightweight, well-vented. You can adjust the vents by opening and closing the inside foam panels. And another great feature with the shell of this helmet is the Aramid Protection Barrier, right? Yeah, and because of the backcountry, we add that in assuming that we're going to be skiing around more trees, boulders, cliffs, things like that. The Aramid shield goes over the entire helmet. It's a Kevlar material and it adds quite a bit of protection from penetration and general strength to the whole overall helmet.


And kind of the big feature, the big call out on the Receptor Backcountry is the MIPS technology. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection system that they're using here. Well said. The deal with that is it offers you the MIP system which is a system that allows kind of matches the way your brain works inside your skull. Picture the outside of the helmet is your skull, your brain is the inside. The inside moves once you suffer an impact where the outside stays solid so you're able to pivot a little bit and it lessens the impact that goes on on the brain during any type of accident that you're having in it. It's shown great improvement on forces that generate against the brain during falls. And another great feature with this helmet again with the Backcountry, it has RECCO. Yep, in case you're lost in an avalanche it also has RECCO so three features over our adjustable Receptor Bug that really improve it for that backcountry use. And another cool feature, doesn't come with it, but fully compatible with POC's communication neck roll. Right. You can put your beats into it. You're all good there. It's cool looking, great colors. So, just a super versatile helmet.


Has so much going on in it. Just one of my favorites from POC really, the Receptor Backcountry. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. Absolutely. I'm Rob from and

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