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2014 POC Lobes Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by our POC rep Jeff. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Sure. So today we're talking about POC Lobes goggle.


Really cool goggle in the POC line. The first thing that jumps out at me I mean is the first thing that I would think jumps out at anybody is that lens on that goggle. Yeah, it's sort of Neil Armstrong inspired. It's a spherical lens. Polycarbonate lens. Dual lens. The inside is a cellulose lens. It's got full anti-fog capabilities. Huge field-of-vision on it too. For sure, and you can tell I mean you can just see it. I mean it's all lens. The lens, I mean, is on the outside of the frames. Right, exactly. It's attached to the outside of the frame which makes it also really easy if you ever want to change your lenses out for different conditions. Which is always nice and just some extra comfort features too there, I mean, with the face foam on the inside. Yeah, we use a three-layer face foam. Keeps it much softer. It's a dense layer on the inside and then a nice soft layer right against your skin. For sure.


And one of the, ya know, it's kind of a weird feature in goggles but it's so important now with everyone wearing helmet, silicone around the strap. So no slip. Right. Right. Anymore, you almost don't need a goggle clip. This will keep it onto your helmet. You need the goggle clip so when you take them off they don't fall off the back of the chairlift. But otherwise they'll stay right into place with this silicone wrap on this strap. Absolutely. And tons of options as far as colors and lens choices for different light. Yep. Yep. Lots for all different kinds of conditions and, like I said, easy to change out. Very cool. Super comfy. Flexible. Fits all faces. Yep.


There you go. So, there it is. The POC Lobes goggles. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. I'm Rob from and

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