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2014 POC Iris X Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob with and I'm joined today by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Thanks Rob. So, we're talking about the POC Iris X Goggle.


Cool goggle in the line. A little old school look, if you will, with the flatter lens on it. Right. Right. It is one of our best sellers. It does have a dual lens on it. It's polycarbonate outer, cellulose inner. It's full anti-scratch, anti- fog featured as well so it's got a great field-of-vision. Three-foam liner, foam line on it too so it's very comfortable. Awesome.


And a big one of the biggest things with the Iris X line is the fact that it is a line. It comes in sizes. Right. It does. It comes in multiple sizes, multiple lenses, multiple frames and multiple styles as well. This being the Iris X being the best selling of the batch though. The straps all have silicone them; hold onto the helmets really well even without goggle clips so that's a good feature as well. Definitely. It's a really cool goggle. Really kind of fine tune it to each individual person with the different sizes, different lenses. Very versatile goggle in the POC line. Yeah, it's really our do-everything goggle. Absolutely. Awesome. So there it is. The POC Iris X Goggle. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. I'm Rob from and

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