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2014 POC Iris Comp Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Thanks, Rob. So we're talking about the Iris Comp Goggle from POC.


A cool goggle online. It's really, I mean, it's kind of a true race goggle. Right. The Iris line for us is a vast line of many different models but this is our one true race piece. A couple features that are key to it is that it's a single lens goggle and what that does is minimize any distortion that you're going to have, give the best clarity you can get, which is what racers need. Yeah, what you really don't, I mean, you don't see that. Right. Everyone does dual lenses and it's really... Well, it's got anti-fog properties in it but generally racers but their goggles on and 60 seconds later they take them off so it's not really concern, they want perfect clarity and that's what you get out of this. We also ship it with three different lenses so you have a clear lens for night or really low light. You have this brown lens for sunnier days and then a kind of a smoky yellow lens for in between. So really being able to fine tune it for any weather conditions you might be skiing. Exactly.


And it's a multi-size goggle so you can get it in different sizes that fit the face. It fits perfectly obviously with our helmets but you want it to fit snugly against the helmet. Very flexible so there's no...if there's any impact there's no damage to your face. It will give on that. The single lens is a cellulose lens not a hard-polycarbonate lens so you have more protection and good clarity. Perfect. So, again a real versatile in terms of weather conditions. Another cool feature with this and with racing, you're going fast and if you take a hard fall, goggles can come off - silicone strap keeping it on. Right. Keeping it on your helmet. Yeah, it'll keep it right into place on the helmet. You don't need the goggle clip because it will stay right where it's supposed to be with the silicone. And it will stay right against your face in the right spot with the three-layer foam as well. Awesome.


So there you go. The Iris Comp. You know, if you're a racer looking for real optically clear goggle, you know, the Iris Comp is probably the way to go. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. Absolutely. I'm Rob from and

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