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2014 POC Fornix Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff. thanks for joining us. Sure, Rob. So we're talking about the POC Fornix Helmet.


Super cool helmet in the line. What can you tell me about it, Jeff? Well, the Fornix is our first in the series of in-mold helmets so that makes it substantially lighter. It's an EPS core on an in-mold helmet. One of the key things to it is it's fully vented so we have the front vents; rear vents that act like a chimney but the front vents are offset so it doesn't blow directly on your forehead. It actually rotates up cooling the top of your head. Back vents act as a chimney shooting out the back and then the adjustable top six vents that you can open and close. And having an adjustable vents is huge. Really being able ot dial in kind of that climate control inside the helmet depending on the weather that you're riding or skiing in. Right. Most people, I think, probably close it during the cold days but otherwise it's open most of the time.


One other unique thing is this helmet is fully-adjustable for size too so you can snug it right up just by cranking and dialing it back. Really dial it in. And something else which is really awesome in this type of helmet, the extra protection inside with the Aramid Bridges. Right. The Aramid Bridge is actually a Kevlar bridge that wraps over the top of the helmet. It gives the helmet a structural stability and also dissipates any impact that the helmet suffers so it keeps it strong, rigid and offers strength during any accidents. Perfect. So, the Fornix from POC. Tons of vents, lots of adjustments, adjustable size. Just really that, a good go-anywhere skier or rider in this helmet, right? Yeah, really a freeride helmet, freeride shape. I think the best thing about it is that it's comfortable. It's very light. Super high protection value and fully vented. Perfect. So there it is. the Fornix from POC. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. I'm Rob from and

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