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2014 POC Fornix Backcountry Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by Jeff our POC rep. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Thanks, Rob. So, today we're talking about our Fornix Backcountry.


A really cool helmet in the line. What's the first thing that jumps out at you with this helmet? Well the first thing it is one of my favorite helmets in the line. It's super lightweight, it's an in-mold design so it's got a lightweight cover over a EPS shell. Full venting on this helmet, it's got goggle vents on it to keep the steam or fog off your goggles. The direct front vents are slip behind the helmet so you don't get direct onto your forehead. Chimney vents on the back to exit and then adjustable vents on top - six of them to open and close on that. And that's huge being able to really control the climate inside the helmet. Absolutely. Depending on the helmet any given day. Right. Right.


For sure and the other nice thing is it's fully adjustable so you can get a nice snug fit just by cranking the dial on the back but again one of the key things on the Fornix helmets is the Aramid Bridge which is actually a Kevlar sheet over the top that acts as a bridge to structurally enhance the helmet both for impact-resistance as well as strength of the overall shape of the helmet. And so now talking protection, the Backcountry different from just the Fornix has something that really kind of sets it apart. Yeah, the big difference is this helmet is, as the name states, backcountry. Somebody who's going to be backcountry or maybe jumps, rocks, cliffs, boulders, trees, needed that extra protection and that's where we put in the MIPs system which is the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System set up.


What it really does is it's an internal liner that moves separately from the outer shell so when you've sustained a blow, usually it's an oblique blow that is going to create different forces and this mirrors what's going on in your brain to your skull. It allows the helmet to move separately from where your head is moving. Really creates quite a bit more safety as far as any of those impacts that you might suffer out in the backcountry. Definitely. It's a great helmet for that guy maybe taking some chances in the backcountry but maybe just, you know, on the frontside too, for sure. Catwalks can be brutal. Yeah. Absolutely. So there you have it. The Fornix Backcountry from POC. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. I'm Rob from and

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