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2014 Nordica Transfire R2 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz, the Ski-E-O for and joining us today is John Kerkoff. Hello, Steve. Our Nordica rep. Hi John, how ya doing? I'm well. Good. And this is the Nordica Transfire R2 for women.


I really like this boot, not just from a performance standpoint but from a cosmetic standpoint. I just think it's a really good-looking boot. If I was a woman I would want to wear this boot. We can probably get you a pair in your size. Thanks. So, this is the middle boot in the R series which is the three buckle, three-piece shell. Can you tell us about the three buckles and the three-piece shell and why that, why a woman would want that? Yeah, it's a good question. Three-piece, three buckle is definitely the most modern form of ski boots. Definitely born from wider skis, shaped skis, rockered skis. We just don't ski the same. We're not skiing fore-aft like we once did. We're skiing more lateral, more athletic than we used to. So with that, we had to create a new boot design and three-piece, three buckle is definitely it. Three buckle. remove that forefoot buckle so it's more relaxed, more comfortable over the forefoot. The key with Nordica, and this is in our park boots and our high-performance boot and our mid-range, anything three buckle is going to have a 45 degree instep retention so it draws you comfortably back into the boot. Low volume, high volume. It's totally customizable. So instead of pulling down and back, it's kind of pulling into the pocket. Yep. Keeping that heel down. Is there an advantage of this for women who have high insteps as well? Ya know what? That's one of the cool things because we talk about three buckle now three-piece, there's a cuff, there's a shell and then there's also the instep hood that really gives you that precision whether you have a higher volume foot or a lower volume to rise or lower to the shape of your foot. Great.


So, I know my wife hates trying to put her ski boot on just from getting it on. Once she gets it on the buckling's easy. Tell us about how this boot can help solve that problem. Yeah, good question. Fit stirrup. So literally unbuckle it, set it on the floor and just pull up and the hood lifts out of the way so it makes it incredibly easy to drop in and out of that boot. So, now this one, unlike the model below has a little bit going on on the sole of the boot. Yep. What's different about it? The fact is we don't all live right on the hill. So if you have to hike from the parking lot or to and from the condo, it gives you a dual durometer. Or to the bar. Apres ski. For apres ski, better grip on the bar stool. So, just two different density materials on the bottom that give you better grip when you're walking but don't affect the performance, you know, with your binding retention. So it's going to be a little more grippy, a little more comfortable to walk in. And I noticed that there's a little bit of a different buckle on the top here on this model than the model below. Let's call a spade a spade. Not everybody has the exact same leg shape or foot shape so it gives us the ability to have quick, easy customization for a either larger or lower volume leg shape which we have a lot of different ones there that we have to encounter. But, in addition to that, on the back of the boot, Nordica created something called an adjustable cuff that allows us to open or close for volume and comfort but also for performance to give that skier the design intended stance on the boot too. So, so this is a 90 flex boot. Yeah. 90 flex is ideal for what kind of a woman skier? She's a good skier. Yep, she's a solid skier. If we're lucky she'll wait for us at the bottom of the run. She will ski anywhere, any terrain, or at least aspires to get there so maybe she's almost there, she's on those black diamonds. She just got to get a couple more lessons and she's got it.


But anyone of us can ski in this boot and have a rippin' time all day. Okay. Now if I'm an intermediate aspiring to be a better skier, is this boot a little too stiff for me? Ya know, if depends on your athleticism. If you're athletic, if you're into yoga or whatever and you run or ride, you'll definitely have the ability to bend this boot. It's not so stiff that you can't get over it. It actually has a really smooth progressive flex with a good progressive rebound in it too so it's... So, if I'm looking to get better and I'm athletic in other things, this probably could be a good boot. Yep. Really precise too in the way it transfers energy. Okay, and yeah, so it's a 102 width which is kind of a medium width. So, it's a snugger fit than a more recreational style fit. Yeah, it's not a bucket boot by any regard but it does have a nice, relaxed forefoot. Yeah. Now the liner. It's got lots of nice little fur on it. I can see that. What else? And I actually can see the liner through the shell. It's somewhat translucent so it's kind of cool. You can and this is incredibly plush. From a couple things, one is easy access in and out. Really wraps your foot. But one of my favorite things is Extra Warmth. It's actually got a closed cell foam barrier that traps your heat and keeps it close to your foot so you're warmer and happier, ya know, pushing apres ski out just a little bit longer. Boot's got a lot. It's loaded. It's got a great liner. It's got lots of flexibility that will accommodate that wider calf. Three-piece design. It's a great little boot for $399 price point. It's an all...go everywhere. We do a lot of numbers, I know, in this boot because it's a very popular model within the line. Yeah, it's a winner. Okay, great. So that's the Nordica Transfire R2 for women. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us at Ski Talk.

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