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2014 Nordica Hell & Back H3 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz. I'm the Ski-E-O and ski buyer for This is john Kerkoff our local Nordica rep. Thanks for joining us, John. Yeah, appreciate it, Steve. And in my hands is the women's Hell and Back H3 boot.


Now the Hell and Back series is a new series that has been a men's ski and now they came up with a new boot line for men for the boot side and but they've also got a women's version of that boot. Yep, anybody who's going after that all-mountain scene. So, judging from the name Hell and Back, this is probably for a pretty good skier. She's a solid skier. Hopefully, if we're lucky, she'll wait for us at the bottom. She charges hard just like we do. All right, here's the boot. Why don't you go through the features on it and tell us about it? Yeah, for sure, brand new proprietary materials which is pretty cool. She's got lightweight running shoes, lightweight sporting gear, her bike, whatever, so super lightweight chassis, this boot, with a new material called Triax so it's going to conserve some energy so she's hard charging those turns, she's not, you know, leaving it on the table. Now, from a width and flex standpoint, where does this boot stand? Compared to say the other series of boots. Yeah, it's right in the middle. It's not super low volume, it's also not the bucket boot chassis.


So, it a 100mm last so it's going to fit like her running shoes so good closure. Really good precision through the shaft of the boot to really hold her in there. Okay, liner? Yep, new liner... It has one of those. It does have a liner, yep, it actually comes with a pair which is pretty cool. The neat thing here is you're going to find a box cut toe with a neoprene sock-like last so, again, very comfortable, first fit impression. Not the typical wham at the end of the boot so which is really nice. Another thing that I personally wish I had in my boots is something called Extra Warmth. It's literally a closed cell foam. It's going to trap and deflect the heat back towards her foot all day long so she's actually going to be warmer than we are. Women often get colder feet than men. They do. Circulation's different for sure. And, in terms's nice and soft and cushy. Yeah. Super plush. Now, in terms of other little features on it, it's got micro- adjustable buckles, cuff adjustment but it also has kind of a thing going on in the sole, right? Want to talk about that? Dual durometer soles so she's got better grip, better traction.


More importantly, we've actually got a contable sole kit for after-market that you can buy and the neat thing is just by removing this hardware you can do stance alignment so you get the right set up over your skis so you're no longer catching your edges and such. Now most people will just use it in the existing stance, right? Yeah, right out of the box. But if they need to make an adjustment on it, you can do it without having to grind the sole or anything. Yep, yep. Okay, good looking boot too. I like the cosmetics on it. It's got a nice look to it. It does, for sure, which personally matters to me but I'm vain. The other cool thing that I like and she'll appreciate is a weather shield that's new from us and that weather shield literally waterproofs the boot so she's going to have dry feet at the end of the day so Spring corn, mid-season conditions, she's going to, you know, be more comfy at the end of the day. Great, so this is that boot for that good female skier that hard charging, fast skier, not a blue cruiser by any means. Nope, and if she is, she's not long for that category, she's definitely going to aspire to get up. Only passing through the blue cruiser phase fast. Exactly. Looking to get to the next level and crush the black diamonds. Okay. So there you have it. The new Hell and Back H3 for women. This has been Ski Talk. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us.

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