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2014 Nordica Hell & Back H3 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O for and joining us today is John Kerkoff our Nordica ski rep. Right on. Thanks, Steve. And this is the Hell and Back H3


So the Hell and Back was a very successful ski launch last year, correct? Yep. Yep. We've had the collection of skis for years now. And actually it's my favorite pair of skis. Thanks for hooking me up on those. You're welcome. So now it has a complimentary Hell and Back boot series, right? This is the first year this is out. Same target, same range. So, tell us about the Hell and Back boot series. What's it all about? First guy out of the condo in the morning, last guy off the mountain at the end of the day. Someone who absolutely loves to ski. It's probably most of us out there that are strong all-mountain skiers that want classic, timeless, trusted technology here so four buckle, two-piece design. Wraps your foot. Solid performer. Now tell us a little bit about the liner inside the boot. We can't see it but is there anything going on in there. Yeah, all new liner technologies that are really neat. You know, the first thing is, it does have a neoprene toe box so it's more of a sock-like fit. The other thing that I really appreciate out of it is it's an elevated, or box cut, toe so like your favorite pair of skate shoes out of the box. It's already pre-formed, pre-broken in. Just wraps your foot.


This is a 100 width last which is a little on the tighter side but with that open box, it's not going to give that super crunched fit. I always felt that Nordicas fit a much more wider range of customers. A little more spacey in the places where you need it. Yeah, we have great history with this last throughout, you know, forever so it's not narrow like a Doberman race boot at a 93 or 95, a 100 actually is medium narrow, it's kind of like your favorite pair of running shoes but, man, just really gives good closure and then with the new liner technology we're using also, it... Vapor Barrier so that you're warm and dry at the end of the day because it's wicking moisture up and away from the foot. Okay. Four micro-adjustable buckles for... Yep, all aluminum hardware. All the typical side cuff adjustment. Yeah but there's one extra one there too so lateral cuff adjustment. We've also created a cantable sole. So, like myself, I've got a little bit of a cant issue on one leg but not the other, just by removing the allen keys, you can slide this kit right off and put a plus or minus one degree kit right on which is the most common size. You have to buy that kit at a... Yeah, it's separate. So, we'll sell those on the Internet as well but now who would want to cant their boots? How do you know if you need a canted boot? You know, you probably know because you're catching your edge on the Cat tracks. You're always forcing manually to really connect with your turns or go to your favorite ski shop and have a cant, an alignment session done. So, this is pretty cool because up until this technology, you had to literally grind the sole of the boot, correct? Yep. You had to cut. Now you can slide it on and if you don't like it, you can slide your old one back on. It's not a one-way trip. Yep. Okay.


So this is a 100 flex. 100 last. Who is the ideal customer? You mentioned first in, first out, from a skiing performance, where they like to ski, who's the right customer for this boot? You know, one other big thing too, is it's a brand new proprietary material called Triax that we're using for Nordica. It's also the lightest weight, let me say that again, the lightest weight, alpine boot ever built. So, it's the person who is athletic enough, like I was just on a trip and we did about a 15-20 minute boot pack out to get some freshies out into a bowl and so by having this on, I had a lighter weight hike which is nice so someone who hard charges all day long is going to appreciate that. Also, if you have to have any custom work done, it's the best material I've ever worked on. Okay, sounds like a great boot. And the color on it, what do we call this? Yeah, a little burnt orange. Little more earth tone. And the black. I think black is back. The whole line of Hell and Back boots are black. Absolutely, murdered-out matte black. You know, for those of you that are tired of red and orange and green and blue and purple, black is back so. Yeah. Hell and Back black H3. This has been Ski Talk. I'm Steve and thanks for joining us.

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