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2014 Nordica Hell & Back H2 Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve the Ski-E-O and ski buyer for With me today is John and, thanks for joining us, John. You're very welcome, Steve. Thanks. And we've got the women's H2 Hell and Back series.


This is a new series of boots for women. This is for the serious all-mountain female skier that knows what's she's doing and likes to go fast. She does. We've seen this gal in the lift line or ripping down the mountain. She's got that longer, bigger, fatter board on. An early adopter to that scene for sure. Now this is a four buckle boot, earlier we were talking about some three buckle boots, is there an advantage to the four buckle design? You know what, the argument goes back and forth, what's better and it really depends on the individual skier. I've skied both, love both, but it just depends on your foot, leg shape and skier type. The four buckle design is more traditional from that ex-racer or person who has been skiing a long time so they're going to be comfortable in a design that they're used to. Timeless. Trusted. All-mountain. I think that's what Nordica knows better than anybody.


So, the fit on this boot is a 100 last so it's a nice, snug fit for that customer that wants a really good, tight fitting boot, right? On the money. I was talking about it, it's like my favorite pair of trail running shoes, favorite set of bike shoes. Just wraps your foot comfortably. And the H2 has a flex of what? The H2 actually is going to drop in right at the 100 flex so she's a strong skier as we talked about earlier too. So, not for the faint of heart? No, actually this is the boot my wife skis in so she's a solid skier. Skis all day long. I think she likes to actually ski better than I do anymore. I've seen your wife ski. She's pretty good. Yep, solid. Okay. Tell us about the liner, is it soft? Is it warm? Is it comfortable? If I thought I could steal her liners and put them in my boot, and they'd fit, I actually would. The women get the best liners. Without question. It's like heated leather seats in this thing. You know, the nice thing is it's got an extra warm barrier in there. It's a closed-cell foam that we created. She doesn't have the issues of perspiration like you and I do so we can put this extra insulate in there that actually traps and deflects the heat back towards her foot so we're probably in the lodge warming up before she is.


And all the buckles are micro-adjustable. Yeah. You have side cuff adjustment. It also has a canting feature on the bottom as well, right? It does so as you addressed, aluminum, micro-adjustable hardware. Macro-adjustable at the top so you can really prescribe the right fit for your personal needs but, as Steve just talked about, we actually created a new cantable sole kit for after-market that you can buy so if you've got alignment issues which my wife does so she'll be one of the ones using this, that we can get her lined and stance on her skis so she's not catching and edge trying to finish that turn on the outside. Most people will just use the sole that comes out of the box. Out of the box, yep. So, it's not like they have to necessarily do that? Nope, you'll know if you need it. Okay, so let's describe that customer for us or describe your wife for us. How long do I have? That's the right customer for this boot. Every day, any day, anywhere. She'll ski from the top of the mountain and if she's got to go, you know, check in at the midday for lunch or whatever, she'll ski the bottom but solid hard charger. Okay, great. This is a great boot from Nordica. It's the Hell and Back H2 for women. New boot. New series. But from a company that is well-known, I think I've owned Nordica boots for 40 years maybe even more than that, maybe 45 years. Giving my age away here. I was thinking he was 30 years old. I am, I just wore them for two seasons each year. Oh there you go, got it. So, anyways, this has been Ski Talk. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us.

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