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2014 Nordica Hell & Back H1 Mens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi. Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz, I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O for and joining us to help understand the boot line for Nordica is John Kerkoff. Hi John. Hello. Thanks Steve. Appreciate it. John's been our Nordica rep for 20 years, right? Yeah. Hanging around for a while. So, and we're going to talk about the Nordica Hell and Back H1.


Now, I don't even have the boot in my hands to show you today because the boot is so hot that the samples aren't even ready yet but we do have it on the picture but this boot really is the s***. Oh, I probably can't say that on national TV...well, we'll go with it anyways. This boot's got everything. This is for the serious, hard-charging good skier, right? Yep. They'll tackle any mountain, anywhere, anytime. And the Hell and Back series has been this huge successful ski line and now it has a compatible boot line of which this is the top-of-the-line from the Hell and Back series boot line. Yeah, and kind of our vision of who this skier is, who most of us are that are going to wear this boot; first one on the chair, you know, opening bell in the morning and literally the patrol chases you off at the end of the day. Lunch is on a backpack, on the chairlift so it's quick and easy. You know, hiking up into the upper reaches that everything you're going to do in this most will be boot pack. You're probably not a skin guy. It's not an AT set up boot.


So this boot has all the creature fit comforts you'd expect but can you go through them for us? You know, first off four buckle. Two-piece design so it's timeless trusted technology from Nordica. We know this category better than anybody. 100mm last so it's like your favorite pair of running shoes you're going to hit the trail with so good wrap, good closure. The buckles are designed ergonomically to really pull you into the boot. New material that's crazy, it's called Triax, that we designed. And Triax will actually be the lightest boot on the market next year. It's also the most workable boot if you need custom shell work done. Okay, that's pretty cool. Liner also, some features going on with this liner? Yeah, it's actually, because for those of us that do ski all day, at the end of the day your liners are usually soaked, it's a waterproof, breathable membrane in the liner that's actually going to wick and pull the moisture away from your foot. To dissipate it, we actually borrowed that from our footwear products divisions in the outdoor industry. So, tight snug fit, good stiff flex, hard charging boot.


It's got a cantable sole on it too, can you talk about that? Yep, that cantable sole is pretty lux because it's actually dual durometer so better grip if you're hiking up you know in the big Coliour, that rocky crag section, but more importantly, if you've got stance issues, you can literally unbolt the bottom, just a couple of quick allen keys, slide it off and we have an after-market kit that you can buy to adjust for your stance issues. So, instead of having to cut the shell which is permanent, it's hard to deal with after-the-fact, once you get your custom footbeds in there you can line that up and you're dialed. Yeah, I've always been scared to death to have someone claim my sole because you can't go back. At least here you can put it on, see if it works. Yep. Right on the money. Yep. All right and it's a good looking murder black. Yeah. It's tough. Great, hard-charging, good looking, very very masculine looking boot. Yep, that with a 120 flex, again, I think we already hit it. I think we know who we are who are going to ski in this boot - guy that, you know, just gets after it. It's the best boot in this all-mountain Nordica Hell and Back series. Yeah, it's top shelf. And honestly, the price at $599 is legit. All right. There you have it. This is a great boot. Strongly recommend it if you're that kind of skier. This is the Hell and Back H1. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz.

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