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2014 Nordica Cruise Series Womens Ski Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve the ski buyer and Ski-E-O for and this is John Kerkoff, our Nordica ski representative and we're going to talk about the Cruise series for women. So, there's three boots in the Cruise series. It's the Cruise 55, the Cruise 75 and the Cruise 85.


The Cruise series is the widest boot in the Nordica line, correct? Yep, 104 at the ball of the foot so it's very relaxed. Still offers good shape and precision through the shaft of the boot to give you good comfort, good performance. And from the 55 to the 85, what is the level of skier that you're... There's a huge range. You know, at the 55 level she's just getting out of lessons. She's definitely the green slopes, you know, beginning level skier. When she gets into the 75, more adventurous. Gonna ski the blue cruisers and honestly, at the 85, she can go pretty much anywhere she wants on the mountain. So, for those people that don't understand, the lower the number, the softer the boot. Yep. And a softer boot allows a person to turn easier at slower speeds and just get their style. They don't need to have a great style. It will help them learn and get better faster. Exactly, it gives them easier access to the front of the boot and then obviously pressurize in the front of the ski.


So this boot's got 4 buckles on it, full micro-adjustable... Yep, the boot is loaded. Literally, this is like pulling out of the dealership with just a macked out Caddy. Super lux liners that are very comfortable, very easy on, easy off throughout the entire range. The entire collection of boots has something Nordica created years ago called Extra Warmth and Extra Warmth is a closed cell foam that's going trap and actually deflect the heat back towards your foot so you're super warm and comfy all day long. And in terms of the upper part of the boot, women do have shorter legs and sometimes the upper part of the boot has a fit problem, what features does this boot to help accommodate women? You know, you're going to run into one of three scenarios. Either a super low volume leg shape, average, or a higher volume leg shape. And it will accommodate anybody, literally anybody, because it's got things like a macro-adjustable catch that will grow or shrink the top range. It's also got a cool component at the top end of the collection called adjustable cuff that we can allow her to have her own individual stance so again lower volume leg, she's sitting in the back seat. Higher volume leg she's sitting just crushing the front of the boot. This is actually easily adjustable through just a quick turn of a switch.


So this boot should be able to fit almost any foot shape. Pretty much anybody out there. Okay. And so tell us what is the difference, I explained there wa the flex, but who's the ideal customer for the 55 versus the 75 versus the 85? Yeah, great question. Liner density is one so as you move up the line you go from a comfort to precision to performance which is different densities so it's going to transfer energy a little quicker, a little more precise. It's like lacing up your running shoes a little tighter. The other thing is we gain flex, you know, the higher the number, the higher the performance. So at the 55 she's a developing, emerging skier. Just really buying inyo the sport. If you're looking at the 75, you're fully immersed, you're into it. And, if you're on the 85, you will ski anywhere on any mountain. So, if I was a new female skier but I'm athletic, you know, I do other sports and stuff like that and I'm looking for something that can help take me to the next level, do I need to start at the 55 or should I start farther up the line? You know the keyword you said there was you're athletic and if you're athletic and you find yourself, you know, doing trail runs, yoga, whatever, I'd jump right into the 75 and if you're the queen of the scene, go right to the 85. Okay. Great. So, there you have it. That's the Cruise series for women. The 55, 75, and 85. I'm Steve. This is John and this has been Ski Talk. Thanks for joining us.

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