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2014 Nordica Cruise 90 Mens Ski Boot Review


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O for and I have with us today John Kerkoff the Nordica ski rep. Good morning, Steve. John, you've been with Nordica for 20 years, right? Yep. For sure. So, you probably should know a few things about ski boots. Let's hope. All right let's talk about the Cruise 90 for men.


So, the Cruise 90 for men is one of the widest boots in the Nordica line, correct? It is. In fact it's a 104mm at the last at the ball of the foot. Okay and that 104 wide boot, what's the reason for such a wide boot? Or who's that boot really for? Relaxed comfort. You know, I think the name of the boot, the Cruise series boot really hits it right on the head. Cruise. For the cruiser class skier that likes to cruise around the whole mountain. They're definitely going to get out and cruise on the groomed terrain. They're going to have some fun from, you know, first chair to last chair but they're probably not going to jump off a cliff so relaxed comfort is really their primary focus in this boot.


Okay, now this is a traditional four buckle boot. Nowadays we see three buckle and four buckle boots. Yep, and we believe they both work just dependent on the intended audience, you know, who's using it. Obviously great closure around the forefoot as well as where you really need the security at the top of the boot. and a really defined shaft of the boot to give the skier the best secure fit that they need. Okay, so what kind of features does this boot have in terms of buckles... Ya know, it's full featured, ya know, as although it's a cruiser boot, we definitely loaded this thing up. It's got a heat-formed liner which is nice because you get security. It's a mid-density liner. Below it you'll actually find a softer liner and above it, in its category, you'll find a firmer liner for better transfer of energy.


Couple other things that's really unique to this boot is actually something called the Natural Foot Stance. It's actually an abducted stance that allows the skier to have better stance, better balance and easier access to the edge as they progress into the next category, the next level of skiing. So, abducted means...? Ya know, kind of like you would see on a skateboard or a wakeboard, we just opened up by a couple of degrees the stance to allow that skier better, approriate perception, better balance. Okay. And then cuff adjustment. It has cuff adjustment on it? Yep. You can actually align the cuff to your stance. If you're a little bit bow-legged or knock kneed we can actually customize that to your needs. Okay, now this is a ninety flex. The boot comes in a stiffer one which is 110 and then two that are softer... Yep, 60, 80, 90 and 110 in the men's category. Okay, so who would the 90 flex one be for? Good, solid skier kind of as I did earlier, cruiser class. Loves the blue terrain or aspires to maybe hit some moderate blacks. But, you know, someone who's athletic but again their only focus in life is not skiing is who I would suggest that 90 flex boot is for. So, with the more comfortable fit, the wider last, a lot of adjustments in the buckles, they can open them up, it would be a good boot for that person that has that hard to fit foot, right? Absolutely. For sure.


There's a couple of cool things. One is called the adjustable cuff profile in the back. In addition to that, the macro-catch, which allows you infinite range of adjustment... The buckle literally slides open even for... Tool-free which is nice and then one of the cool things that we discovered is that person who does have an extremely larger lower leg shape, typically runs into a really aggressive forward lean on the boot. So, we actually developed in this boot and a couple other categories an adjustable cuff that allows you to design the right stance for that skier so they're not just totally pinned forward in the boot which obviously wastes your legs so that last run of the day, last runs of the day, are really, really tough. So, adjustable cuff profile with the macro-catch make this boot easy to fit right out of the box. Okay, perfect. So, to sum it up, who's the ideal customer for this boot again? All-mountain cruiser. Okay, great. So, there you have it. That's the Cruise 90 flex for men. This has been Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz. Thanks for joining us.

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