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2014 Nordica Cruise 110 Mens Ski Boot Review


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve Kopitz - the ski buyer and Ski-E-O for and today I've got joining us John Kerkoff the 20 Nordica rep. Yep. Thanks Steve. Appreciate it. Not that you're 20 years old but... I wish I were. Exactly, so do I. So, let's talk about the Nordica Cruise 110.


So, there's 4 boots in the Cruise line. This is the 110. This is actually a new one in the Cruise line. It is. It's definitely the flagship in the collection. And this is the stiffest boot of that line. It is and it's a true 110 flex on our index. So, why did Nordica decide to add a stiffer boot, a stiffer version of a boot that you guys have had a successful line up for quite a while. Yeah, that's a great question. A couple reasons. One is just feedback from the skiers that are out there saying, hey we've got some big guys out there that are strong skiers. Just have a high volume leg shape or high volume, ya know, foot last looking for more boot and it's a straight up, it's a high-performance ski boot. So, usually when you think of a 104 last you think of a more recreational skier but this really for that high-performance skier that just has that wider fit and needs that more comfortable... Right on the mark.


Okay. So what else does this boot have on it that can help with performance and fit and things like that? Ya know a couple things and one of the more unique technology is something called Natural Foot Stance that Nordica created years ago and it's basically an abducted stance to give that skier better stance, better balance and, as importantly, easier access to the edge of the ski as well so Natural Foot Stance is definitely one of the more unique things. Okay. It's got four buckles. Are they micro-adjustable? Oh, for sure. Yep. All new aluminum hardware that's got great ergonomics in terms of the way it feels in terms of the way it wraps and grabs your foot. So over the forefoot or at the top of the boot it really gives you good closure and precision. And it's important to know that they are aluminum as opposed to plastic so they'll be a lot more durable. Yep. Absolutely. And then the top buckle has extra adjustability on it, right? It does. Two interesting things here is one we use a macro buckle and this macro buckle makes it easy, tools-free to adjust either for a smaller leg shape or a larger leg shape but the other thing we ran into... Can you show them how that works? Because it's kind of cool just how it slides. Yeah, we kind of call it the MacGuyver buckle. It just slides back over. Slides back-and-forth which is nice. The second thing I was going to point out is we ran into an issue for a lot of skiers with that larger lower leg shape that they also get a ton of forward lean in the boot. And by doing that, it literally drains your legs. Because the calf muscle sort of pushes them forward. Oh yeah. Exactly.


And there is an ideal stance or forward lean that we're looking for in a ski boot for the most energy, most conservation of energy. So we actually created something called the adjustable cuff profile that allows you to adjust it fore or aft to dial it exactly the right stance for each and every skier. Okay. Great. So, I also wanted to point out, they probably can't see it at home but it's got clear windows on the shell which allows you to kind of see into the liner which I think is very cool. Yep. Translucent shell, actually a performance upgrade too, it gives you a better wrap. That shell is going adjust, you know, somewhat to the foot which is really nice. You know, again, pin back here so it's got a lot of response to the boot in terms of progressive, flex and rebound too. So, it's not just that it's clear, it's also softer allowing it to overlap the foot a little better. Bingo. Okay, it's got side cant on it, correct? Lateral cuff adjustment. Or lateral cuff, I always call it cant but really really cuff. What about the liner? What can you tell us about that? It's again it's a liner that should be in a $600 boot. It's our highest performance called Precision Fit Liner so it's the most dense, most precise. It's actually a different zone so it really takes a great solid form to your foot. Yeah, it's a little bit of furry corduroy on it. This is plush. Heated leather seats is my joke on this one.


Okay, so this is the 110 flex. Let's talk about the customer who needs a 110 flex boot. Ski anywhere. Anywhere on any mountain any time. You know, pow day, Spring corn, steeper pitches, you know, again, if you're an intermediate skier who's athletic looking to aspire to the next level - bingo. If you're already there, this one will fit you right as well. Okay, perfect. Did we forget anything? No. It's loaded. And from a price standpoint, this is a very economical boot. It's a $399 retail. It's got features on it that you find in boots that are $200 more. Easily. Yep, all right. Great. So here you have it the Cruise 110 men's from Nordica. I'm Steve Kopitz. This is Ski Talk and thanks for joining us.

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