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2014 Men’s Rossignol S7 Skis


By Chris Gorski




There has been a lot of talk about the new Rossignol S7 series of skis but if you begin shopping for a set of these skis you will notice many styles which include the Squad 7, Super 7, Soul 7 and the Sin 7.


So how are you supposed to choose a model of these great skis? Well, each model is going to offer different features and shape so the choice will be made by what type of skiing you are looking to do. Here we will cover the many differences in the S7 model of skis and what each brings to the table so it may be easier for you to make a decision.


Rossignol Squad 7 Skis (145/120/126 @190cm) All Mountain Powder Ski


The Squad 7 from Rossignol is an absolute beast and offers an exceptional design in shape and technology. Built for charging hard, this big mountain ski is built to deliver float while giving the skier absolute control over the ski. This is achieved in a lower swing weight, beefier core profile, powder turn rocker and Rossignol’s new air tip technology. The air tip technology is unique to Rossignol and features air filled tips on the skis which offer a lightness not found in any other construction while still offering torsional rigidity making the skis initiate easily and versatile for many conditions.



Rossignol Squad 7 Men's Skis



The Rossignol Squad 7 is built for the hard charging all mountain skier and is not for the faint of heart. Built for powder this ski is not going to be a frontside carver and will be best suited for someone pushing it in the backcountry on a regular basis.



Rossignol Super 7 Skis (140/116/130 @180cm) All Mountain Powder


Looking to charge had but need a ski that is a bit more adaptable? The Rossignol Super 7 is going to be that ski. With a slightly narrower shape but still boasting a 116mm waist width the Super 7 is still a 90% powder and 10% all mountain. This year’s Super 7 has been given a stiffer tail to ensure you can get more power out of your turns and the progressive tip rocker will eliminate tip flap so you can push hard yet still be playful when skiing big mountain lines. The Super 7 also offers Rossignol’s Air Tip technology making the skis lighter weight overall with a lighter swing weight.



Men's Rossignol Super 7



The Super 7 from Rossignol is built for hardcore skiers spending much of their time in the backcountry dropping big mountain lines but will offer slightly less stiffness than the Squad 7’s which makes this ski perfect for those looking for a big mountain ski that is not too demanding.



Rossignol Soul 7 Skis (136/106/130 @180cm) All Mountain Wide Skis


The Soul 7, you guessed it, gets even more all mountain friendly. With a 106mm waist these skis still offer great powder prowess but the 17m turning radius offer a bit better control in all mountain circumstances. Considered an 80% powder and 20% all mountain these skis can rip both on trail and off trail. The Soul 7 is a very lightweight ski which can keep you energized longer on the slopes and give the skis enhanced agility and a super lightweight swing weight.



Men's Rossignol Soul 7



The Soul 7 is going to be best for those that spend a good majority of time in the backcountry but wants a ski that can be at home on the frontside of the mountain with the hardpack and groomers. Pick up the Soul 7 if you need a one ski quiver with an emphasis on backcountry to slay all the mountain has to offer.


Rossignol Sin 7 Skis (128/98/118 @180cm) All Mountain Wide Skis


Bring the Rossignol Sin 7 to the party and you will be able to take some turns on the frontside with ease and still jaunt off into the powder when you feel like having some backcountry fun. The Sin 7’s powder turn rocker gets you up and above the deeper snow but the 15.9m turning radius will have you slaying lines on the hardpack.



Men's Rossignol Sin 7



Considered a 70% powder and 30% all mountain ski the Sin 7 truly excels for the skier taking in a little of this and a little of that on a regular basis. The Sin 7 is going to be one of the easier going skis in the Rossignol 7 series but can still get up and go and charge hard when you feel like pushing it to the limit.


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