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2014 Giro Nine 10 Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob with and I'm here with our Giro rep, John. John, thanks for being here. Yeah, right one, Rob. Thanks, man. We're here talking about the Giro Nine.10 Helmet.


So, John, what can you tell me about this helmet? How long do we have? The Nine.10 was born from literally the Giro Nine which was the first In-Mold helmet ever and In-Mold means it's super lightweight, we actually create in one mold and fuse them together an EPS which is really your airbag that's really going to absorb the negative the energy, god forbid on an impact, with a super light piolycarbonate shell. What makes this helmet incredible? Low profile. Really lightweight. Huge WindTunnel vents which is nice and then, you know, go on and on from there. Right, and the vents is a cool aspect of this helmet. It's a lot of a bag for the buck. There's a lot of vents here on a very modestly priced helmet. Well, we do venting on a couple platforms. One. If you've ever had issues with your goggles fogging up, quite honestly it's probably because it's been blocked so anytime we put a brim on a helmet, it's kind of like putting a lid on a pot. So Giro came up with this killer concept called a Stack Vent that's a little bit like a hood scoop that draws the air through and away and pulls it literally pulls it out of your goggle and pushes it out. That's just to keep the goggle performing. Next, is so that you don't overheat or you don't get cold, either way, these Super Cool vents on top give you the ability to control where the air goes and how it goes and inside, there's a weather stripping, I don't know if you can see this, you can literally fold up on those warm, forty degree Spring days when you're out there and now you can see the air flows in and out of the helmet. Very cool.


And another great feature with this helmet is the fit and being able to adjust the fit. Yeah, Giro's got several different fit platforms. This is really the benchmark of it and it's called the In-Form Fit System. With a mitten, a glove, your bare hand, easily adjustable to custom fit so if you've got more of an elliptical if, like yourself, you have a big head of hair, whatever, it's super easy. Just dial this thing out. Also, you can even vertically adjust this helmet so if you've got that gaper gap or if you've got some nose press, you can actually adjust the helmet vertically through an adjustment internal as well. It's loaded. And that's a huge feature being able to kind of customize with your goggles too to really get it to perfect that fit on your head. It's huge. Yeah, there's so many different sizes and shapes to goggles - either super tall, low profile, even some narrow ones, so whether you're in a small, medium, large or even an extra large you can customize it. And this helmet too is audio capable. Yeah. Every Giro, every Giro adult helmet comes ready with an audio kit. You just open it up, there's the foam dome in there, you pull it out and you drop in your audio drop speakers in there if you've got something after-market. you can throw it in there as well. It's quick, easy and for 30 bucks you're rolling in tunes. Very cool. A lot of cool features there. Thanks for joining us. Again, I'm Rob. Thanks for checking us out.

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