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2014 Giro Edit Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob with and I'm here with John our Giro rep. Today we're talking about helmets. More and more people are wearing helmets out there now. John, why should people choose the Giro Edit?


Great question. In reference in your thing about more people wearing helmets more today than ever. I think any more you stand in a lift line or a tram line you actually see more people with a helmet than without. And if you look at the course of history over the last 15 years, this category has blown up, the products evolved. Super lightweight, really comfortable and, in this case, you can even adjust the internal environment so on a cold day or a warm day... Why the Edit? Giro's In-Mold technology. Super fit engineered so we know for a fact it's got the right shape, right fit. It's an integrate to a goggle seamlessly which is really cool. That is very cool.


And you were talking, real briefly, about adjusting the ventilation. Yeah. Very cool feature on this and that's Thermostat Control from Giro. Yeah, and that's in part with In-Mold technology is it gives us infinite range how we channel the air through the helmet. So this actually has really three kickers. Number one is a Stack Vent so instead of dropping a lid on the pot here and blocking the venting of your goggle, it actually helps, helps your goggle draw air away from it. So it pulls the air through, it actually then channels the air through the helmet - put fresh air in stale air out, and then on those cold blustery days you can even lock down the Thermostat Control so warm environment internal. And again, those Super Cool Vents are configured throughout the helmet for the best performance there.


Very cool and now talking internally, inside the helmet, it has a great liner. It does. It's probably my favorite beanie that I own is the sub-liner beanie in here and it's actually from a material called X-Static. It's an anti-microbial, kills the cooties so you've got a fresh helmet all season long. Very cool, and now talking even more with the fit of this helmet, the Rock-Lock 5 Adjustment, great adjustment. It is. I've had it on my Giro bike helmet for years. We introduced it last year on the Montaine and the cool thing with this is, it's crazy lightweight, it gives you 360 degrees of wrap and even, you know, again, on the chair, whatever, it's micro-adjustable. You just fine tune it in to get just the right fit each and every time. One other cool thing not everybody knows, every Giro helmet that has a fit system is vertically adjustable so if you've got, ya know, I always call it gaper gap or you got a nose press from either a big or small goggle, you can vertically adjust this and any other Giro helmet. And that's huge being able to adjust it to fit with your goggles is so huge.


And going back even a little bit with that Rock-Lock 5, this is a super, super lightweight helmet. Lightest weight helmet we've ever built with a fit system. That is crazy, so if you're the hard charger, doing maybe a little boot pack, skinning in the backcountry, getting ready to build an edit, you actually have a helmet that's lightweight and you're going to want to wear it. Now crazy enough, if you decide to take it off for some reason because you're doing a really long hike, we've actually built, just like the Montaine, a TripClip with a carabiner, you literally, when you're ripping through the airport, you can pull this bungee through and in a matter of seconds, you can clip it right onto your backpack or right onto your belt so when you get to the top it's not full of snow. Again, that's called the Giro TripClip which we created last year on the Montaine and the Lure. That's such a great feature and it's a subtle feature that's easy to overlook and one of the other great features that when you're just looking at this helmet, and maybe don't realize, is the new GoPro mount. Yeah. And you can use with this helmet.


I was just at a trip with my sons skiing and amount of, you know, excuse the language, gay-dars, you see on top of the helmets that big absolutely unnecessary in this helmet. With the Edit, you've actually got a GoPro hard mount that we co-labbed with GoPro that mounts right on the front of the helmet and they tell us that's the best angle, best point-of-view you want to lock it up on. So right there. Perfect. This helmet is loaded with features, is a great helmet, again, more and more out there. Perfect helmet to maybe introduce you to helmets or that higher end guy that wants to show off to his buddies. So, again, thanks John. This is the Giro Edit. I'm Rob from and Thanks for joining us.

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