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2014 Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Rob from joined to by Jeff our Full Tilt rep. Jeff, thanks for being here. Sure, Rob. So today we're talking about the Tom Wallisch Pro Boot.


This boot is super cool. What can you tell me about it? Yeah, the Tom Wallisch Pro, well everybody knows Tom Wallisch, he's the man in the freestyle world. He's going to be hitting it big on the Olympics this year too and getting a lot of play on TV with NBC and such but this is his new boot which features a couple of new things with it. First off, it's our FTS shell which is our new sole shell. Big difference with this shell is that it's got a wider toe box. It's still a 99 last but it's a little more square toe box so a little more roomy fit up front. We also put on rubber soles on the bottom. They're removable so the guys that do, whether they're doing urban sets or hiking up somewhere, they slowly will wear out their soles. You can replace them really easy. Great traction. It's like a Vibram type of sole. For sure.


And a big change for the Tom Wallisch Boot this year is the tongue. Softened it up a little bit this year. Yeah, Tom wanted it just a wee bit softer, little more maneuverability that way but one of the other key differences, while we were able to do that, was our new WideTrack buckles. So, it's a brand new buckle on this one. Stronger. It's a wider. It's still a ratchet so it still zips back and forth but it's a stronger metal buckle. We call it the WideTrack. It will hold up when he's hitting these giant gaps. Perfect, and now this, I mean being Tom's boot, who are you selling this boot to? Who is the customer? This is going to be for that really top end, freestyle skier. I mean, you could ski anything with this but, graphically even, it's designed for that freestyle skier. It's got our top-of-the-line performance liner as well. Full J-Bar, full wrap on the back, better heel hold so it's a top liner, top boot shell, top buckles. Perfect. Well there you have it. The Tom Wallisch Pro. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. I'm Rob from and this has been Ski Talk.

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