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2014 Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Rob from joined today by Jeff our Full Tilt rep. Jeff, thanks for being here. Absolutely. So, we're talking about the Seth Morrison Pro Model boot.


This is a big, gnarly boot. What can you tell us about it? It is a big, gnarly boot. He wanted to go with a sublimated camo graphic this year, kind of the snow camo is kind of a cool look but otherwise, overall on the boot, it's a 99 last but it's out FTS shell so it's a little wider toe box area for a little more comfort. He does a lot of hiking so we put a rubber sole on the bottom so better traction, easy to replace if he's walking a long ways and needs to, at the end of the year, replace that. It's an 8 flex which is a stiffer flex. We only do one boot with a stiffer flex than this and that is really to offer power for all-mountain big mountain skiing.


One new thing this year, new ratchet buckles that are wide-tracked. Again, much stronger, much better hold and the new power strap that's sort of like a motorcycle tie-down. Again, full strength when you're dropping that 80 foot cliff, you want it to hold up. For sure, and so many of us are. Talk a little bit if you can about the liner because Full Tilt liner, all Intuition liners. Yep, and this is our top-of-the-line Intuition liner. It's got our full J-Bar wrap on it. They're all heat-moldable. All our three-piece shells are super easy to get in and out of because of the three-piece shell and the way the liner opens up. Super warm, super comfortable, obviously. Seth likes it because he can wear it all day. It stays comfortable. No shin bang because of the three-piece. It's just a perfect match molded to the boot and to your foot. Definitely.


And so now, we've been talking about, you know, this being kind of a beefy boot. Who is this boot for? This is going to be for a top notch skier who's really hitting it big, skiing fast, you know, expert level. For sure. So there you have it, the Seth Morrison Pro Model from Full Tilt. Jeff, thanks again for joining us. Absolutely. I'm Rob from and this has been Ski Talk.

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