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2014 Full Tilt Drop Kick Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Rob from joined today by Jeff, our Full Tilt rep. Jeff, thanks for being here. Absolutely. So, we're talking about the Full Tilt Drop Kick Boot.


Really cool boot in the line. What can you tell me about it? Well, the Drop Kick is one of our freestyle boots. Designed for that park and pipe rider that wants a nice flexible tongue. It's a 6 flex on it. The ribbing gives it a nice, progressive flex. Intuition Liner for warmth and comfort. Really perfect for that freestyle guy. And another great feature with all the Full Tilt boots, and this boot included, is the shell. Really unique design on the shell. Yeah, this is also one of our Full Tilt Original shells. The FTO shell which is very low to the ski and super lightweight which is, again, something that the freestyle guys like. Three-piece shell allows it easy to get and out of even when it's ice cold.


And a big thing with all the Full Tilt boots and this boot especially, really cool buckles and this has a different boot board in it. Correct. This has our active boot board and it's actually a rubber boot board. Better dampening comfort when hitting big hucks and things like that. Awesome. And so, you know, going back to who is the Drop Kick for? Who's the guy? i would say with the little sneaker graphic to it, it's definitely more of a freestyle rider design boot with the active boot board and the lightweight. So, really, kind of more that park rider? Right. Right. Definitely. So, that's it. That's the Drop Kick. Jeff, thanks for joining us, again, I'm Rob from This has been Ski Talk.

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