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2014 Dalbello Voodoo Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hello and welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve your host and ski buyer here at They also call me the Ski-E-O. And I'm joined today by our Dalbello representative, Ray Skelton. Hi, Ray. Hey Steve. And Ray's been with Dalbello a long time. A couple of decades, right? Since 1993 when it started in the US. So, you probably know a little bit about these boots? A little bit. Okay. This boot is called the Voodoo so does it come with the pins you can kind of stick in so that your enemy feels the pain?


Absolutely. You use them on your competitors, not yourself. So, that's what the Voodoo name kind of implies but I think it's really more of a ski boot. So, this is a freeride ski boot, right? Right. For that freestyle. For that customer that wants to do a little jumping, park and pipe, stuff like that. Right. All right. So, first thing we can notice on this boot is it's got three buckles as opposed to four. Can you kind of explain the benefits to that? Well, this is a three buckle boot which is also part of being a three-piece shell. Okay. And, the key thing is with a three-piece shell, you have a lower shell, you have a rear cuff and then you have a tongue and the tongue flexes and works independently of the shell but the key feature in part of the three buckle is that when you have a three piece shell with a low hinge point, way down here, with a low hinge point what we can do is allow the rear cuff to flex freely which is great for freestyle skiing. It's also great for absorbing shock.


A lot of guys say, Ray, why do you want a three-piece shell in these freestyle boots? And the reason being is that with a low hinge point it allows the boot, you can imagine jumping off a cliff, dropping into a pipe or whatever else when that boot hits, you get an impact and with a three-piece shell you shock absorption. The other thing is that by having that three-piece shell, you also have a low hinge point and we have a wrapping buckle here and that center wrap buckle allows really good heel hold down. It really pulls the heel down rather than pushing down. On a conventional shell, a two-piece shell, four buckle boot, 2 buckles up here, 2 buckles down here, nothing really drives you into the heel the way that this buckle does. Sure.


Now, there's an adjustment on the back says soft/hard. Tell us a little bit about that. You know, basically on this boot, we're going to have kids that could be anywhere, or skiers that are anywhere, from 130 lbs possibly up to 250lbs so you have flex adjustments so they can make the boot stiffer. So they call this flex in this really a 90 but in reality what would you say the range is? It ranges between about 80-95. It's still built for a lighter, all-around skier. Got a nice furry liner, I like. Right. We want to give this guy some good features so...What the Voodoo was originally built for was the guy that wanted to have Tanner Hall's boot and I don't know if ya'll know Tanner Hall but when he's jumping off cliffs or this or that, there's a tremendous amount of impact. Tanner actually skis a very aggressive boot in terms of stiffness but you have that junior high schooler or high school age boy that's 150lbs and he needs a boot that's going to absorb shock so we made a softer flexing boot in this model. Now you've also got a absorption boot board in here as well. Right.


There's a full rubber shock pad under the heel. Inside of the heel here. And then we stick it right out through this hole so you can actually feel the rubber and see the rubber. All right so did we miss any features on the boot? There's only...there's 2 other things that I would point out on the boot. One, it has a, it also has a rubber shock pad behind the boot so when you're hitting and maybe your body gets thrown backwards, it helps to give you a little more shock against calf and one of the unique things and you can't see it because it's black on black here but there's a wide hyper band buckle.... Yeah, it's like 3.5-4 inches. Right, versus having a power strap and a buckle and the reason we do that in this boot is this guy might be skiing the park and he wants more leg movement at the top of the boot so you'll ski this softer. Then he goes up to ski the rest of the mountain with his buddies that rip in high speeds and you buckle that back up and you have quick adjustment so that's one of the reasons for the hyper band. Okay, so describe for us the ideal customer for the Voodoo boot. This is for the lighter freestyle skier that's looking for full performance freestyle but not a super, super stiff boot. You know, otherwise it has everything geared for the guy that's park, pipe, riding rails, you know, skiing all-mountain bumps and things like that.


It's been an awesome fitting boot and the other thing that's key with this boot is it's a 103mm last so it also gives the guy a wider fit, maybe that guy was looking at a Rampage from us or one of our other freestyle boots and they're 98mm last and this kid has got that bigger, wider foot also. Okay. Great. So, there you have it. It's a great boot from Dalbello. It's called the Voodoo. I'm Steve. This is Ray and thanks for joining us on Ski Talk. Thanks.

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