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2014 Dalbello Viper Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve, your host. I'm the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at and joining us today is Ray Skelton our local Dalbello rep. Hi, Ray. Hey, how's it going, Steve? Good. All right and we're going to talk about the Viper series. I've got the Viper 90, right? And you've got the Viper 100.


Right. So, the Viper is your traditional 4 buckle boot for all-mountain, kind of, regular, performance-oriented skier. Now, this is a 100 last boot so as boots go this is on the narrower side for real performance fit. Yes. Now, the problem with a narrower boot sometimes is that you can get sort of a hot spot or a point in the boot where that boot is just a little too tight. Right. But you guys have come up with a solution for that that's called C4. Yes. Tell us about that. Yeah C4 stands for Comfort 4 Fit and what it is is very often you buy a ski boot that's narrower lasted, you have to go into a shop and you have to get it custom fit. What we did was we identified the 4 keys spots that people get punched and ground and fitted. One of those is the navicular bone. That little bone below your ankle bone. The other's the ankle bone. The third spot is that sixth toe area or that wider area on your foot... I get that one, that wider area gets me every time. Oh, I know, it's a killer for a lot of people. And the fourth is the calcaneus or the heel, right here. So, there's 4 custom pre-punched spots which help these things fit so well out of the box. So, you're giving them a little more room in those spots without having to make the boot so wide that you're not going to get that performance fit. Right. This is actually, Steve, our third year of Vipers and this has become one of the best-selling, overlap, four buckle boots in the industry because it fits so well without having to do all that custom fitting.


And this is a loaded question but did you get any award for this boot? You're actually going to find in the magazines this fall, in Skiing Magazine, this is the Viper series is an award-winning series as is the ladies version called the Mantis. Yeah, so it got a nice award because it's such a great fitting boot at really a great price, I must say. There's another unique feature with these boots. There's a couple key things. One is the shell. Dalbello is the first company to have a tri-injected machine in their factory so in other words, the lower shell has got three different shell stiffnesses. The lower is really stiff to give you that driving performance for edge-to-edge feel. The center is a high-end polyether for performance and shock absorption and then the upper part over your instep is to allow for easy entry. Because it's much softer. Harder. Medium. Softer. Right. All molded at one time. All right so that's kind of what the Viper series is all about now this is the Viper 90. The 100 has a little stiffer boot so little higher performance.


Are there any additional features on there? Yeah, for the all-mountain skier and the hardcore ripper, this has got a True Fit liner which is that heat-moldable liner that shapes to your foot over time. You do have a removable cuff in the boot so if you are a man that has this close fitting foot but you got a bigger lower calf, you can remove that, and it has shaft alignment or canting. So you can adjust the shaft into the shape of your leg. Okay, so let's describe the ideal customer for this series of boots. For the 90, the ideal customer is the guy that is looking for performance down the road. He's buying his boot, he's buying a boot at a good value but rather than buying a typical package boot, he gets a boot that is going to give him guts and performance. The same chassis as a 100 so that he's going to have that boot for several years and get performance. The 100 this boot, if there's one boot that is the boot to get, if you're a skier strong it's the 100. It's powerful. It's got high-energy. It's got great liner, it's all the guts of a high-end power machine. Okay, so there you have it. That's the Dalbello Viper 90 and Viper 100 and this is Ray and I'm Steve and thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.

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