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2014 Dalbello Panterra 120 Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi. Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve, your host here at I'm also the ski buyer and Ski-E-O, they call me, and Ray, thanks for joining us. Ray is our local Dalbello rep to talk about ski boots. Thanks, Steve. How are you doing today? Not bad. Good. Have you seen this boot before? Oh, a couple times. Yeah, this is the brand new Pantera line that you guys have made which I'm really excited about and you're probably pretty excited about it as well.


This is brand new technology. This is for that guy who wants a full on, full-feature, high-end boot from Dalbello that always wanted a Krypton boot which has a 98 last and can't get into that boot because they need a little wider last. This is a 100-102 last. Right. So, that's this new VVF, it's called? Absolutely. VVF Technology. For those of you at home, this is a green boot. We're working with a green screen here so I'm going to pass this boot over to Ray. Some of it will slightly disappear, don't freak out. It will be okay. It will all come back when Ray gets it. Here you go, Ray. Thanks, Steve. All right, Ray, so tell us about this new VVF technology. This is a three buckle boot but it's got 4 buckles. Right, so first of all, like Steve said, there are a lot of people that have always wanted to buy a Krypton boot. Their friends talk about Krypton. They love Krypton but their feet were too wide to get into a Krypton so this is now a three-piece boot using every single feature of a Krypton boot - the low hinge point, the three-piece shell, the ribbed tongue to absorb shock and allow perfect flex. And I would say if you wanted to learn more about the three-piece shell go to one of our Krypton videos and you can kind of learn more of what are the benefits of the three piece shell but we'll focus on the fourth buckle of this one. Right.


So what VVF is is it stand for Variable Volume Fit. Now, so this boot can fit a foot that might be as wide as 102 but then it can shape down all the way down to 100 and by having our three-piece shell with what we call an open throat design, we took the lower shell and we thinned out the shell wall down here and we thinned it out here. This buckle, you take that buckle, and it's micro-adjustable, we can squeeze, basically we squeeze the boot from the sides and rather than, let's say a classic overlap boot, if you take a classic overlap, when you pull the buckles down its going to crush the boot onto your foot, this boot pulls in from the sides and that's the simple function of it and so you fit it, you set it and you lock and you walk away and leave it. So, you basically leave that buckle buckled when you... So then, the other three buckles are the only three buckles you have to use after that point. So, you have that full ribbed cable buckle that wraps and holds the heel in like our Krypton boots. You have the upper, you know, you have the upper wrap buckle and then you have our front buckle that can control your forefoot.


So, in addition, there's also a couple, you guys have really kind of updated this boot in a lot of ways. Another thing that this boot has which most of the Kryptons don't have is it has an exterior flex adjustment and an exterior ski/walk feature. Right. The other category that's been you know emerging in the ski industry is the side country or all-mountain type boots and with that is a couple things that you might want on your boot. One of the things is the ability to walk and to be more upright and walk freely. Now, being that this is a three-piece boot with that low hinge point, when you pull that lever it allows the shell to fully flex back and give you a very upright flex. Much more than even any of the overlap boots that have a walk feature. But then, throw the lever back down, flex forward, and it locks right back in and you're skiing. So this is a 120 flex but it has a flex adjustment on there. What does that do? Right, this little dial that you see up here, this is a flex adjuster and it takes the spines on the back of the boot and it blocks the spine so it increases flex from 120 up to 130 or 140 so you have a... So that guy that wants a super stiff, 120 is not stiff enough they can even make it stiffer if need be. Right, you know the other thing for side country or for walking, hiking or for riding in a helicopter if you're taking a heli trip if you're on snowmobiles or Cats, you have that rubber clad walking sole, this rubber piece here to keep you from slipping on things. You also have got Vibram toes and heels in the boot.


So, it's a really full-featured side country boot if you want to go off... It also has a heel inclinator, I noticed. Right, yeah for a lot of men... It's that little button right there. Yeah, for a lot of men, if you need ramp angle adjustment or the inclinator, rather than having to go find a heel lift, you have one right here built in the boot. and I can adjust you from a very low angle all the way up to 10mm higher. So, you know, what's really nice is is that you're not committing yourself to a specific flex or a specific width or a specific heel ramp angle. You can really buy the boot and play with it and tweak it as you ski so that you don't have to decide in the shop, you can decide on the slopes really what width you need, what flex you need. Yeah, absolutely. It's one of the most adjustable boots you're ever going to find in the industry. And we have to talk about the liner too. It does have the new liner from...the Intuition liner. Tell us about that. It's called ID Now which ID... Now. I mean now. Now fit, absolutely now fit but ID does stand for Intuition Plus Dalbello. Dalbello... I didn't know that. ...designed all of these liners with Intuition to fit our shell perfectly and then the Now liner is now built to be incorporated with our C4 Fit and C4 by the way on this boot, there are 4 key fit spots that boot fitters typically have to fight with on your foot when you're dealing with, you know, ankle bones or whatever else so you have ankle bone, navicular bone, sixth toe area and heel that are all pre-molded, pre-shaped in the shell and now this liner has also been designed with C4 Fit into the liner so this thing... Work right out of the box, you don't have to heat it up. Right. Take it out of the box , put it on your foot and it's fit from there. So ID now.


Okay, so who is the perfect customer for this boot? This is the best skier on the hill. This is one of the highest end, strongest skiers on the hill. You have that little wider foot than the Krypton guy but you can also start, you could sell this boot or you can take this boot as anybody right from the, you know, intermediate level and go up to full expert. It's that adjustable. Okay, so there you have it. The Dalbello Pantera 120. This is Ray. I'm Steve. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.

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