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2014 Dalbello Lupo Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve, your host from I'm also the ski buyer and the Ski-E-O here. Joining us today is Ray Skelton our long time Dalbello rep to talk about Dalbello ski boots. Thanks, Steve. How ya doing? Great. Good. Well, in my hand I have the Lupo with ID Liner in it.


This is a super beefy, all-performance, full-featured go-anywhere, big mountain, side country boot. With a name Lupo, what does Lupo mean? Lupo means the wolf. This happens to be Sean Pettit's pro-model boot and Sean is really into the wolf thing and... So, that's why it's got all these features. These are all the things that Sean wants on his boot. Yeah. This is actually the boot he ski's on? Absolutely. So, this has got the Krypton shell which I think has been around for a long time, very, very proven three-piece shell. Lots of cool features on it. Can you tell us quickly about that? Yeah, the Krypton shell, if you're not aware of it, it's a three-piece shell. You have the lower shell that comes all the way up to about this high so you have a lot of power, a lot of energy. A lot of power and guts and lateral flex. But then the rear cuff or the upper cuff here has a super low hinge point and what that allows the boot to do is flex anatomically absolutely freely with the way that your leg works with your foot. And then to tie it all together, the boot has a nylon tongue that's actually a ribbed tongue and what the ribbed tongue does is allows the boot to flex and flex with that rear cuff as we talked about and then snap back with a tremendous amount of power. That's why we use the nylon tongue.


And the ribs, where actually it's kind of an interesting thing, but the ribs were developed in the mid-80s by a NASA engineer who happened to be a skier; the guy that helped design the ribs like in a space suit, the elbow and knees in a space suit. So that tongue allows it to flex with no shell distortion. Yeah, that's pretty cool. It's been around a long time. Now, this is a 98 lasted boot so this is a very narrow boot. Very tight-fitting, super high-performance but you've developed this new concept called C4 which helps to make a 98 lasted boot not have those hot spots or pressure points. Right, C4 stands for Comfort 4 fit and what it is in a nutshell is there's 4 key spots that boot fitters always have to punch or shape or fit in a boot and in this boot you have the ankle bone, which was shaped to fit your ankle bone. The navicular bone was shaped to fit your foot. The sixth toe area for people with that wide foot or that extra bump on their foot and even the heel has got a bump out where a lot of people will get rubbing pressure on the back of their foot. So, a little space where you need it but still that tight 98 last. It also allows a 98 lasted foot to fit a foot that never thought they could a 98 before. So, let's talk about, it's got the Vibram sole on it and the ski/walk feature. Let's talk about those. Yeah, you know, Sean you know, and this could be any of you guys, but Sean's out hiking on the top of mountains, he's riding helicopters, he's riding Cats, he's riding snowmobiles and he needs traction at times so we put the rubber clad... He's not always in his skis, he's sometimes just in his boots. Oh yeah. You know getting to the places where you can shoot those movies and so we put a rubber clad hiking sole in the middle of the boot. It's has Vibram toes and heels for traction. And then the other thing that he does is when he's in that 'copter or on a Cat or whatever else, he'd like the boot to be a little bit more upright for basically for long term comfort, you know, we all see the videos and films and the movies and it all looks cool, you see ski, ski, ski, well you might stand around for a half-hour, 45 minutes waiting to do a shot so this... Our customers probably are not doing a shot, they're waiting 30-40 minutes in the bar to get a bar To get a shot. To get a shot. There you go.


But this big burly aluminum piece back here, it's not your typical walk/ski feature where you push a little button. This thing takes guts and power to release it and then to put it back together we virtually have to flex the boot... It's not your daddy's ski/walk feature. No, no no. This is for the guy that's... So, let's talk about flex on this boot. What's the flex on this boot? This boot starts out at about a 130 flex so it's a beefy... Starts at 130! Yes. And you can go stiffer than that? Right, there are flex blocks which is something common in all the Krypton boots but in the back of the Krypton boot, the lower shell when it comes up it splits like that, like a V. We call it spines and you put flex blocks into the spines so if you want to beef this boot up or any Krypton boot, you put a flex block in a low position and it makes the spine stiff. Put it in the upper position and the spine cannot close at . That allows you to get the boot up 150 maybe a little more. Oh yeah and more. This thing... Like a cement block. It's got the full custom-moldable intuition ID liner on it. Every square centimeter of your foot is custom fit in the liner. So, who is the ideal customer for this boot, Ray? This is the king of the hill skier. This is going to be every hardcore guy that is looking for the best boot in the world. All right. There you have. The Lupo with the ID liner from Dalbello. Ray. Steve. Thanks joining us. Thanks a lot.

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