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2014 Dalbello Kyra Womens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve your host here at Ski Talk and I'm also the ski buyer. Joined here by Ray Skelton our Dalbello rep. How ya doing today, Ray? Great, Steve. A couple of pretty boots in our hands. Yes, this is our brand new series called the Kyra series. I've got the 75, you've got the 85. Right.


So, who is the market for this boot, first of all? These are for the all-mountain women skiers so ladies that are, if you're out skiing everywhere on the hill and, we'll kind of go over this, but anywhere from literally from an almost first-time buyer right up to an expert skier. But these are good ski boots. These are for a good skier. So, this is a three-piece design, you guys made famous with the mens Krypton, this is kind of the womens version of that three-piece design boot. Right. Now, tell the women at home why there's only three buckles on this boot and what the benefit of that is. Well, the main reason there's only three buckles is that's all you need with a three-piece boot. I'm kind of being facetious with Steve here but when you build a three-piece boot you have a couple unique things and these are one of the things that's great for fitting a woman's foot - the lower shell comes up about this high inside the boot. Then you have the rear cuff and the rear cuff has this really low hinge point. The rear cuff with that low hinge point allows the boot to flex the most anatomically following your leg perfectly the way it flexes in conjunction with your foot. And then thirdly, you have a ribbed tongue made out of nylon and the ribbed tongue allows the boot to flex and then rebound to give you nice shock absorption and rebound.


By doing a three-piece boot though for a woman's foot, it allows us to do a couple of unique things. When Steve mentioned three buckles, this center buckle, this one right here, this buckle is a cable buckle. It wraps over that rib in the middle of the boot and this buckle locks your heel in. I want to really point that out because one of the things, problems my wife has is she gets heel slip because she has a narrow heel, a lot of women have, and when you have two buckles here and two buckles here, you can make your lower foot tighter or you can make your shin tighter but it doesn't really bring your heel back. This will really bring your heel back. Right and that's been the success and one of the best things for women with the Krypton boots so this technology like a Krypton gives you the same thing so by being able to hold the heel in here a lot of women suffer from having a heel that's loose in the boot and that locks you in really well.


So, there's a couple of other really nice creature comfort features on this boot as well as performance. You've got a ski/walk feature and you've got a soft/hard flex adjustment. Right. The ski/walk feature is really nice because just standing around, walking around town after skiing, standing in a lift line, riding a chairlift, pop that lever open, just pull on that little tab it opens up, when you throw the tab down and flex forward, the boot locks right back in ski position. You don't have to do anything active to make it go back in ski position. You've also have got a flex adjuster. On these two boots, the model number that Steve has, the 75 and I have the 85, that's the initial flex so on that boot it starts out at 75 and with the stiff/soft flex you can increase that boot to a more aggressive boot. So maybe as you get better... Right. faster, ski harder, you might want to harden up the boot so you don't need to buy a new boot. Right. And same thing with this model. It starts out at 85 and increases to as much as 95 in flex. Okay. so, that's really cool. So now this is the 75, are there any features the 85 has besides being a little stiffer? Right. The 85 has a stiffer higher-end shell material but what the 85 also has is higher-end True Fit Liner so this is that heat-moldable liner that custom shapes itself to your foot after wearing it. The other thing that you get with the 85 is you have shaft alignment so if your legs need, if you need adjustment for bow-legged or knock-kneed you have shaft alignment.


You also have got a heel inclinator or a heel lift. This thing right here, we give it to you for free on the boot. This could cost you fifteen dollars to buy a set of heel lifts when you walk into a custom-fitting store. So, and you can customize it to exactly...a lot of women put heel lifts in their boots. It's like a built-in heel lift. Right So, on the 85 you get a better liner, you get a shaft alignment, you get a stiff shell and you get the inclinator. Right. That's a lot of additional features. Now there's one other feature that has been probably the best feature of all in this boot is, if you look at the rear cuff, this just looks like nice styling and nice shaping in the shell, this is actually a cuff expansion piece and you can take this... Now this is true for both models? Right. You'll see a little stainless steel piece right here and there's one on the other side, if you have a lower calf that is a little bit larger calf and you've always had that problem with your boots being a little snug right here, you can just adjust these pieces with just taking a screwdriver or taking a coin even and flipping those up 90 degrees and that allows this cuff to have as much as a full centimeter and a half of extra... That's huge. Oh yeah. So, it has all the other...removable buckle and all the other ones but this really gives you one additional features that's even better. This will be, this is one of the best-selling boots that, you know, you can fit onto a lady's foot. So, describe the ideal customer for these boots. These are for all-mountain women, anywhere from aggressive high-end skier right down to the lady that's buying maybe her first pair of boots and it could be either one of these models.


If you're buying your first boot, 75 would be great for ya. You could also buy an 85 and just have the better liner, have the heel lift, have all of these things so thay you can progress in ability and not have to buy another pair of boots. Yeah, I think this is a great boot for that woman who wants to get better, plans to get better and wants a boot that's going to get better with them. Right. All right, well thanks for joining us today, Ray. You bet. And thanks for joining us at home on Ski Talk.

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