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2014 Dalbello Krypton KR2 Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to another episode of Ski Talk. I'm your host, Steve, and I am the ski buyer and the Ski-E-O here at and this is Ray Skelton. Ray is our local Dalbello rep. Hi Ray. Hey Steve. How's it going? Ray, I'd like to go through the Krypton line with you, if you don't mind, so, this is the first boot in the Krypton line: the KR2.


Now, this is a 98 flex boot, 98 width boot, that's about the narrowest a boot comes other than a full-blown race boot. Absolutely. So, this is a really tight fitting, super high performance boot, correct? Right. Now, I did want to point out to you that there's a defect on this boot. I don't know if you guys realize. You got one buckle going this way but then the other buckle on the other side going the other way, they must have installed the buckles wrong. Right. Right. Yeah, that's actually not a defect but Steve's kind of joking about it. What it is is the front buckle, we designed this originally on our freestyle boots that if you reverse the buckle like this and the guy is hitting rails or boxes or whatever else, you're not going to break the buckle up. But this is an all-mountain boot, it's not a park and pipe boot per se. Right, but think about the guy that's all-mountain skiing, maybe doing some hiking, maybe doing whatever, that buckle might be brushed up against trees or rocks or even if you're hiking boot pack, it keeps the buckle from opening or getting knocked off.


Okay. Tell us a little about the shell on this boot. This is one of our three-piece shells and the three-piece shell is really unique. What it does, is it allows the boot to flex absolutely freely and anatomically with the way that your leg moves in relation to your foot so it gives you the purest, truest flex. The other thing you can do with a three-piece shell is as we said this is a 98 lasted boot. A three-piece shell allows us to make the lower shell as stiff as possible for high performance. The tongue is a ribbed nylon Polymide tongue and what the ribbed tongue does is as the boot, as the upper cuff flexes, it flexes against the tongue, the ribs absorb shock and then can rebound back. You were asking me early off-camera about the nylon tongue and what nylon is for, most people would just inject plastic. Nylon has a high rebound power and if you're buying this boot, you're looking for big performance and big guts. This is polyurethane right here. It's what they make race boots out of so it's powerful. It rebounds that quickly. Nylon, on the other hand, when this boot flexes, Nylon rebounds like that. It's high-powered and tremendous power in the boot.


All right, so let's talk about the liner on this. Tell us about the liner. This is one of our True Fit liners. The liner's heat-moldable. It's a custom-liner. You put your foot in this boot and that liner will shape to your foot over a period of time with heat. Okay, and there is the C4 Technology in this boot as well, right? Right. C4 is a really cool thing. Now, Steve mentioned earlier this is a 98mm boot which is fairly narrow. C4 makes this boot go on to a lot of feet that you might not think in a 98. What it is, C4 stands for Comfort 4. There's 4 key spots that boot fitters typically would have to fit your boot when you buy that boot. These are places where people usually get sore or hot spots. Right, where you get punched or ground or whatever else. The ankle bone, the inside ankle bone, that's always a killer for me and for a lot of people. The navicular bone, that little bone that sticks out under your ankle bone. The sixth toe area... That's my bad one, the sixth toe. So that spot that feels wider there and then above your heel is another spot and we pre-shape these in the shell to accommodate that fit.


Okay, and the flex on this boot is? This is a 110 flex. It is an adjustable flex. When you buy a pair of Kryptons, you have flex blocks that are on the boot so you can take this boot from 110 and increase it to 120 or fully block it so that it becomes a really stiff boot. This is probably the best value in the industry for a high-performance, all-mountain boot. For under $500. Yeah. It's $499 map and that's the Krypton Core. Yeah, besides Dalbello, being one of the largest boot lines and one of the highest volume, you guys have amazing value in your boots. You offer features that other boots that are 100s of dollars more. Right, I mean, many people would expect to pay $600 or $700 for this. So, who is the perfect customer for this boot? This is, you know, when you walk in and you're looking for a pair of boots, and you're looking for big guts, big power, speed, aggressive skier, that's the boot. There's nothing you can't do in this boot. Great. It's the Core. I think I'd like to go try one on right now. You sold me on it. I have a pair myself. I don't think I can get into a 98 last but other than that, it sounds awesome. Actually, the Core is the boot I ski in myself. I love it and one of the reasons I picked it, which is totally crazy, but some of you guys might like this, it's a black matte finish boot. So, like a lot of the new cars and everything that are coming out... Yeah, matte black is real hot, for sure. Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay, there you have. That's the Dalbello KR2 Core Boot from the Krypton series. This has been Ski Talk For Ray and me, Steve, thanks for joining us. Thank you.

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