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2014 Dalbello IL Moro Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve your host and ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at This is Ray Skelton, our Dalbello ski rep and we're going to talk about the Dalbello Il Moro.


We don't have a sample because it's such a hot boot, I think this is the coolest looking boot on the market this year, without a doubt. Everybody at the shows were all the rave about it but you had to sell your sample because somebody had to have it. Yep. But it will be up on the green screen so you'll be able to see what we're talking about. So, tell us about this boot, Ray. Well, the Il Moro, several years ago we started working with Tanner Hall who most of you know as the world's best freeride skier. We basically gave Tanner a free slate to tell us what he wanted to do in his boot so we had Tanner skiing in the original Krypton Rampage and then he came up with know, he and Glen Plake came up with a new design for an upper-closure buckle which you'll see in the shot but it's called the wide Hyperband Hiker Buckle which is a lot of words to say but in a nutshell it's a bandage you can adjust on the fly, you can adjust it quickly. you don't have a power strap and then a buckle, you have one wide strap that's all integrated into one. You can flip it open for hiking so when you get off, you know, a helicopter atop of the hill or you get off a chairlift and you're walking for a ways, you can release the buckle, you can hike with the boot and the top is open freely but it never unlatches and you don't have buckles flopping all over the place. Then when you take off to ski, you close the buckle and you're ready to rip.


The boot also, you know, it's our standard three-piece Krypton design so you have the lower shell, you have the rear cuff and you have that nylon-ribbed tongue. It's really been the go-to design for any freestyle boot. Oh yeah. And when you've seen Tanner do the things that he does - dropping into pipes or dropping off cliffs or things like that, the ribbed tongue in conjuction with the low-hinge point of our rear cuff, basically it allows the leg to flex freely and absorb shocks better than any boot design in the industry. Now, this boot's got the full-customizable Intuition ID Liner in it. So, great fit. It's fit to every sqaure centimeter of your foot. A perfect fit. Now it's a 99 last so it's a narrow fit but still allows space in the key points where you need it. Right.


That's a feature that we call C4 and you hit on that. C4 stands for Comfort 4 and what we did was we punched four key spots that typically bootfitters will have to adjust. Same places where people end up punching their boots anyway. Right, that sixth toe, that wide area by the side of your foot. The navicular bone, the ankle bone and by the top of your heel. So, that's what C4 is all about. What it also does is sometimes when you talk about 99 or 98 last of boots, people get a little scared that they're narrow, it makes this boot feel more like it's a little wider when you put your foot into it. Any other features Tanner put into this boot specifically? One of the other things, and this is something that Dr. Stedman said after Tanner had that one crash on Chad's Gap, is... Dr. Stedman is the famous knee doctor. Right, right. When he was putting Tanner's heels and feet back together, we have a full rubber boot board and he said that the rubber boot board helps absorb shocks on big landings and jumps and things like that but, I mean, this thing is a big burly, about 3/4 of an inch thick, rubber boot board and Dr. Stedman said had he not had that, he probably would have shattered his heel and ankle entirely so you know great liner, the rubber boot board, Hyperband, it's a fully-loaded freestyle boot. Okay. And did he come up with the design on the boot? The colors? Um, yeah. Tanner just every year we just give him a chalkboard, basically, and say do what you want to do so it is as you'll see in the picture, it's one of the coolest looking boots and one of the other things that I have to say about the boot though, Glen Plake who most of you guys know and if you don't know, he's the guy with the mohawk. Guy with the big mohawk.


Well, Glen and Tanner are good buddies and they kind of helped put this boot together. Glen will also tell you this ain't no kiddie-freestyle-boot. Half of the ski patrol, or what they call the ski guides in Chamonix, more than half of them ski in Il Moros. This is an every day, big-mountain, hardcore ripping boot. That's important. Even though this is in the freestyle collection, Glen Plake is not a freestyle skier, he's a big mountain skier so it works for both groups. Yeah, this boot goes every where for whatever discipline you want to do. Okay, so I think you kind of described it but who is that customer who would love this boot? This is basically anybody from hardcore freestyle to hardcore big mountain freeride skiers. It really does it all. The real deal. Okay, there you have it. That's the Dalbello Il Moro. Thanks for joining us, Ray. You bet, thanks for having me today. And thanks for joining us. Have a great day.

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