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2014 Dalbello Boss Mens Ski Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi. Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve, the host here at and Ski Talk. I'm also the buyer and Ski-E-O and this is Ray Skelton. Hi Ray. Hey, Steve, how ya doing? Ray's our local Dalbello rep here to talk about the Dalbello Boss.


Now, this Boss is an awesome boot. It's got a little story behind its name, doesn't it? It really does. We were sitting the office one day at Dalbello and we were trying to figure out what to do with this boot and we said, the guy that runs our company has got a big wide foot, so there you go, skip. There's your boot. It's called the Boss. You basically named it after him. Yep. Okay. So, this boot's got a three- buckle design with a three-piece shell and there's a specific reason for that, Ray. Can you kind of describe that for us? Well, if you're the guy that's a freestyle skier you're all-mountain big mountain freestyle skier, the three-piece shell has a couple key benefits. With the lower shell and the rear cuff and then a fully independent tongue, it allows the boot to absorb impacts and shocks. The rear cuff can flex and absorb these hits when you're slamming into bumps or dropping off cliffs or whatever else and that's due to the low hinge point that you can only achieve with a three-piece boot. And then you also, with that center buckle, it helps to really bring the heel tightly down into the heel as well. Absolutely, we wrap the center buckle or this middle buckle wraps from the hinge point here to the hinge point here giving you great heel hold for high performance skiing.


Now this boot has a 103 last which is pretty wide as it goes for high performance freeride boots, right? It's pretty wide unless, and Steve, this is the reason we built the boot, unless you have a wide foot and the reason this boot came about, was we have a boot in our line called the Voodoo and the Voodoo was built to be a boot for the wider freestyle kid except for the fact that it had a 103 last and we had adult men we had big mountain skiers that walked into the stores and they wanted to buy like a Dalbello Krypton. They needed a more performance but they needed the width so they ended up buying a lower performance in order to get the width. Yeah, they wanted this stuff that Dalbello had with that three-piece shell but they couldn't wear a 98mm last boot so what we did was we took the Voodoo and amped it up. And the way we amped it up... It's a Voodoo on steroids. It is. It really is a Voodoo on steroids.


Now, what are some of the other features has? Talk about the boot board and stuff like that. Yeah, there's a couple things. The lower shell is polyether. That's that highly resilient or shell material that has a lot of rebound. When you flex forward, it wants to give you feedback. We have a rubber like a big thick half-inch rubber landing pad under the heel. It absorbs the vibration from when they do hits from jumps. And also if you screw up and you land backwards, there's a rubber pad behind the boot. Has a big fat 40mm power strap so you get good shock absorption here. It has all high-end micro-adjustable buckles. Heavy duty buckles for a real athlete. It has a flex adjuster which this boot goes from about 100-110 flex again for that strong, big mountain skier. So, it's a loaded boot. It's also got side cuff adjustment on it as well. It does. It has shaft alignment. Okay.


And then talk quickly about the liner, it's also got a pretty good liner in it too. This is our True Fit Liner which is that heat molding liner so you put this boot on your foot and it shapes your foot over time. All right, so who would you describe as the ideal customer for this boot? If you're the guy that walks into the store, you're a strong athlete, you're a strong skier and you have a wider foot, you need a bigger fitting boot, that's the Boss. Okay, so there it is. You got it from the Boss, that's the Boss. You bet and the only other thing I will tell you is a lot of people come in expecting to pay at least 200 dollars more for this boot, it's a killer deal. Yeah, you were actually telling me off camera that a lot of reps, when they tested this boot thought it should sell for 600-700 dollars but it's no where close to that price. Right, right. Great value. Great high performance boot for that freeride skier, that's the Boss from Dalbello. I'm Steve, this is Ray. Thanks for joining us.

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