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2014 Dalbello Aspire Womens Ski Boots Overview


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Hi and welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Steve. I'm your host. I'm also the ski buyer and Ski-E-O here at and joining us today to talk about Dalbello Boots, that was hard for me to say, is Ray Skelton. Hi Ray. Hey Steve, how's it going? And Ray, you've been with Dalbello for how long? Since 1993. Ooh, that's like 20 years. Almost. Okay, great. so, you know a little bit about these boots. I do. All right, so let's get into it. We're going to talk about 3 boots in the women's line. The Aspire 65, Aspire 75 and Aspire 85. They're very similar boots. So, these are the opening price for entry-level boots in the Dalbello line.


You guys have how many boots in your line? Oh, we have at least 75 different models. All right, so this is your sort of, if you're a beginner-to-intermediate skier, this is the sort of line of boots for you. So, I've got in my hand the Aspire, well, let's talk about the line as a whole. So, this is specifically fit for women. What kinds of features do these boots have that make them a really good fit for more women? A couple of the things you do for women is we do women's specific liners so they're lasted for women, they're lasted for ladies. You mean, they're more shaped like a lady's foot? Right, narrower ankles, little snugger around this part of the foot. The other thing we do on our women's boots is we lower the cuff heights to specifically build them for ladies and then we also, what we call tulip, or we dish down the liner to accommodate women's calves and which are usually different than men. Now, if they need additional space in the cuff, what can they do? There's a couple things you can do. All of our boots come with micro-adjustable buckles so when you open the buckle up, the buckle is micro-adjustable for to lengthen the buckle, this is called the rack right here and the rack can be moved either in for a skinny leg or moved out for a larger leg. Right, with a little tool you just move it over a couple holes either way.


Yeah, and then one of the key features with Dalbello, and our people love this, is it's called the X-Module. This little cuff piece right here is removable so if I have a woman with a lower, more athletic calf, I can pull this out of the boot and it makes the cuff a half an inch shorter which allows the calf to fit in here better and it removes, it adds to the volume of the shell. I want to be specific that is not available on the 65. It's not on the 65. So, if the person has a larger calf muscle, they probably want to at least move up the 75. Right. It also comes in the 85 also. Yeah, at least up to the, there's 4 micro-adjustable buckles on these which we talked about earlier which I think is really important because a lot of the less-expensive opening price point boots only have two or no micro-adjustable buckles. All four of these can be adjusted to fine tune the fit. And for the US market, Steve, we actually did metal buckles. You don't find those in our European line up but we did it for the US market so that we give you really high-quality metal buckles.


Okay, so let's talk about the differences between the boots. Those are the similarities between them, oh and it's a 105 last. What kind of fit is that? It's a more relaxed fit. So, for the person that's just getting into ski boots, they've been renting boots, so they're used to that bigger fit, this is not going to be a racing you know, clenching... This is typical of their first ski boot. Right. So, describe, well let's see, the 75. What features does the 75 have over the 65 that the 65 does not have? Or what's the difference between them? On the 75, what you pick up over the 65 is you pick up the locking device or the walk feature and for a lot of women or men, but this locking device allows you to unlock the boot and let's the cuff stand up taller, more upright. So, if you're standing in a lift line or riding a long chairlift, it let's you relax more in the boot. Ski/walk feature is, in my opinion, a huge benefit. Just makes it so much more comfortable walking from the car to the lift or standing in the bar or... Cruising around you know cruising around the bar, walking around the streets after skiing... It's also got the X-Module and that's pretty much it on the 75 now what does 85 have over the 75? The 85... We don't have the 85 here to show you people but it's available on the site. The 85, you pick up a really key feature in women's boots is you pick up the heel inclinator or a heel lift. You have a mechanical lift device that we dial into the heel and I can raise it up to help position a woman's body, position her leg exactly the right way in the boot and that's something you'll find so many women's boots, boot fitters are putting heel lifts in the boots. Yeah, I was just going to mention that many women will add heel lifts to their boots if they're not getting a good fit, they have to go into the shop to do that. Here, they can just dial it right in... Right. ...without having to go into a shop to do that. And the people that do this, you can dial it up and exactly micro-adjust it to where you want. As oppose to a heel lift where you can either get a quarter or a half and that's really about it. Exactly.


All right. so... And the other thing on the 85, which I think is worth a 100 dollars easy in the price of the boot, is it has a full custom fit liner. So, it has our True Fit, the Dalbello True Fit thermal reactive liner. So as they ski it over time, it will actually start to adjust to the shape of their frame. Right. Okay, that's great. And women's boots, this women's line has a little more warmth than the men's line does, right? It does. We put extra layers of foam in the boot. We make the liners cushier. Even the insoles are a little thicker. Women get all the good stuff. Right. One of the other things that you can't see as well on Steve's boot but you'll see it on the 85 and you'll see it on the 75, these are bi-injected shells. This white material here, which is inside the blue shell material that you see here, the white material is a softer flexing material. It allows the boot to open up easy when you're prying the boot open to get your foot into the boot. And that's on the 65, the 75 and the 85. Okay. Great. So, let's describe the customer. So, the 65 is really that first boot. Budget- conscious, nothing special. Put it in and go. The 75 who's the ideal...? 75 is solid-intermediate or again that first time skier that wants to buy more performance to work their way into it. And for creature comforts as well. And then the 85? Then the 85 will sell to potentially a performance woman with a wider foot. It can go all the way up to an expert skier who might have a little bit wider foot. Okay. So, there you have it. That's the Aspire 65, 75 and 85 from Dalbello. Ray, thanks for joining us. You bet, thank you. And thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.

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